Megan Story Chavez

Faculty Member

Megan (she/hers/her) Story Chavez


Megan Story Chavez received her MS from BYU and Ph.D. from Texas Tech University both in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy. She completed a doctoral fellowship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She has focused both her clinical work and research on utilizing the biopsychosocial-spiritual framework, as well as using Solution Focused Brief Therapy in couple and family therapy. Megan grew up in Utah county and did her undergraduate education at UVU in the behavioral science department. She is happy to be back as an educator in a community that she cares so much about.


Ph D, Texas Tech University, 2019

Major: Couple and Family Therapy

MS, Brigham Young University, 2016

Major: Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy

BS, Utah Valley University, 2014

Major: Behavioral Science, Family Studies


FAMS 4670

Family Dynamics and Systems, Fall 2022

MFT 6230

Family Therapy, Fall 2022

MFT 693R

Practicum III, Fall 2022

MFT 6000

Systemic Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy, Fall 2022

MFT 6510

Contemporary Issues in MFT, Summer 2022

MFT 6920

Practicum II, Summer 2022

MFT 6400

Research in Marriage and Family Therapy, Summer 2022

MFT 6320

Adult Issues in Human Development, Spring 2022

MFT 6010

Contemporary Approaches to MFT, Spring 2022

FAMS 2705

Ethics for Family Interventions WE, Spring 2022

MFT 6940

Practicum IV, Spring 2022


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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