Don Wilson

Faculty Member

Mr. Don Wilson


Graduate of Utah State with a M.Ed in instructional Technology, BS from UVU in Technology Management, AAS in Collision Repair, twenty years of experience previous to teaching.


M.ed in instructional technology, utah state university, 2006

Major: Education

BS, UVU, 2003

Major: Technology Management


CRT 1210

Blending Tinting and Detailing, Spring 2023

CRT 121L

Blending Tinting and Detailing Lab, Spring 2023

CRT 2440

Mechanical Advanced Vehicle Systems, Spring 2023

CRT 244L

Mechanical Advanced Vehicle Systems Lab, Spring 2023

AUT 1210

Suspension and Steering Systems, Spring 2023

AUT 121L

Suspension and Steering Systems Lab, Spring 2023