Lauren Brooks

Lauren Brooks

Assistant Professor - Biology

Office: SB-242M

Phone: 801-863-8479

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My interests lie at the intersection of environmental microbiology and human health. I'm particularly interested in combining the two aspects of microbiology to apply ecological principles to human concerns or consider how humans can be affected by microorganisms in their environment. My research projects largely revolve around three main areas: tracking sources of pollution in impaired water bodies, identifying non-pathogenic bacteria in the environment that can act as reservoirs and carriers of antibiotic resistance genes, and applying the principles of microbial ecology to identify and test organisms that have the potential to disrupt the formation of oral biofilms (i.e. dental plaque).

I am always happy to speak with students about the possibility of joining a project or even working with you to develop a new project so don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail or schedule a meeting using this website:


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