Ya Li

Faculty Member

Ya Li


I have been teaching mathematics at UVU since 1990, after I received my PhD from University of Utah. I enjoy my job as a math professor here. I like hiking, gardening, and travelling. My husband teaches computer science at UVU also. We have three children. Our three children took classes at UVU while they were in High schools.


BS, University of Science and Technology of China, Array

Major: Mathematics

Ph D, University of Utah, , Array

Major: Mathematics


MATH 1210

Calculus I QL, Summer 2024

MATH 1210

Calculus I QL, Spring 2024

MATH 2210

Calculus III, Spring 2024

MATH 2250

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Spring 2024


Zeng, Larry (Presenter & Author), Li, Ya (Presenter & Author), 17th International meeting on fully 3D image reconstruction in radiology and nuclear medicine, "Development of a Solvability Map", Stony Brook, New York. (July 16, 2023)
Zeng, Larry (Presenter & Author), Li, Ya (Presenter & Author), IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging conference, "Human-Designed Filters Can Outperform Machine-Learned Filters", IEEE, Milan, Italy. (November 5, 2022)