Steven Huff

Faculty Member

Professor Steven Huff


Ph.D. Business Administration from UC Berkeley, MBA from BYU, and a BS in Computer Engineering at USU.


Ph D, University of California, Berkeley, 2008

Major: Business Administration

MBA, Brigham Young University, 2002

Major: Business Administration

BS, Utah State University, 1998

Major: Computer Engineering


MKTG 6400

Technology Marketing and Customer Experience, Spring 2022


Stokes, Laurie (Author Only), Dishman, Paul (Presenter & Author), Huff, Steven (Author Only), Heller, Nate (Author Only), Argyle, D J (Author Only), Holt, Tanner (Author Only), Association of Business Communication International Conference, "You vs. YouTube_ Bio-Metric Measures of Student Engagement When Viewing Live vs. Video Presentations (Preliminary Findings)", ABC, Dublin. (October 21, 2017)
Argyle, Daniel J. (Presenter & Author), Huff, Steven (Author Only), Peterson, Jeff , Dishman, Paul (Author Only), National Conference on Undergraduate Research, "Interviewing: Can Facial Coding Analysis Determine Emotional Intelligence", NCUR, University of Memphis. (April 7, 2017)
Huff, Steven (Presenter & Author), 2013 Global Business & International Management Conference, "The Z-Effect: Why Good is Good, but Better is Better", The Journal of Global Business Management, The Journal of International Management Studies, and The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, Portland, OR. (August 11, 2013)
Huff, Steven , Finance and Econ Seminar, "When Consumer Researchers Can Benefit from Economic-Style Experiments", Finance/Econ Department at UVU, UVU. (March, 2013)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Huff, Steven , (2021) "Money on the Table_ A Case Study in Increasing Revenue through Menu Order" (Issue: 3, vol. 9). London: Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing.
Parkin, Nathan M, Huff, Steven , (2020) "Peculiar or Puzzling? How Curiosity Type Influences Image and Text Advert Responses" (Issue: 2, vol. 8). London: Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing.
Huff, Steven , Johnson, Aaron C, (2014) "Clicking Through Overload_ When Choice Overload Can Actually Increase Choice" (Issue: 1, vol. 16). United Kingdom: Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice.
Huff, Steven , (2014) "Seeing Stars_ How the Mere Presence of Ratings Influences Willingness to Pay" . Oklahoma City, OK: American Journal of Business and Management.
Huff, Steven , (2014) "The Z-Effect: Why Good is Good, but Better is Better" (Issue: 3 / 2014, vol. 6). Toronto, Ontario: International Journal of Marketing Studies.
Huff, Steven , (2014) "When Economic Experiments Can Help Consumer Research" (Issue: 5 / 2014, vol. 7). Toronto, Ontario: International Business Research.


Outstanding Educator Award

UVU Alumni Association - May 3, 2019

Teacher-of-the-Year Award given by the UVU Alumni (a university-wide award) where one award is given per school each year (7 in all).

Presidential Awards of Excellence - Teaching

Utah Valley University - January 26, 2018

An award given by the president of the UVU to recognize years of exceptional teaching.

Utah Best of State 2017 - College/University Teacher

Best of State - May 15, 2017

This award is given by the best of state organization in Utah to the best college teacher in the state.

Wolverine Achievement Award - Full-time Faculty

Utah Valley University Student Association - April 3, 2014

University-wide award for teaching given to one full-time faculty per year from the student association.

Outstanding Educator of the Year

UVU Alumni - April, 2013

Teacher-of-the-Year Award given by the UVU Alumni (a university-wide award) where one award is given per school each year (7 in all).