Bonnie Wilder Estes

Bonnie Wilder Estes

Senior Forensic Scientist

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Bonnie Wilder-Estes is a Senior Forensic Scientist at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services (State of Utah Crime Lab). She has worked there since 2006. She is a manager of the Bureau's crime scene response team, which responds as an aid for all police agencies throughout the state of Utah. She has responded to many high profile crime scenes and testified to some of the cases. She is a certified as a Crime Scene Analyst and Latent Print Examiner through the International Association for Identification. Her duties include latent print processing and examination as well as being the only bloodstain pattern analyst for the state. She has been considered an expert in court testifying on multiple occasions to chain of custody, crime scene processing and documentation, and fingerprint identification. She also is an adjunct instructor with Utah Valley University teaching semester courses in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Fingerprint Processing, Fingerprint Comparison, and Crime Scene Investigation.
Contact Information: [email protected]