Abdus Samad

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Dr. Abdus Samad


Born in Bangladesh, Abdus Samad is a Fulbright Scholar and received Ph.D. and M.A. Degrees from the University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, USA, and Lakehead University, ONT, Canada respectively. He taught many universities in the world including University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), Northwestern University (USA), University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh (USA), International Islamic University (Malaysia), Rajshahi University (Bangladesh) and University of Bahrain, Bahrain.
Currently Dr. is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance and Economics at the Utah Valley University since August 2002. He is an author of seve dozen articles published in the national and international journals.
He is married and has a son (Sameem), and a daughter (Shahina).


Ph D, University of Illinois, 1991

Major: Economics

MA, Lakehead University, 1980

Major: Economics

BA, Rajahahi University , 1965

Major: Economics


ECON 3020

Managerial Economics, Summer 2024

ECON 2010

Principles of Economics I SS, Summer 2024

ECON 4960

Economics capstone research project, Spring 2024

ECON 3030

Intermediate Macroeconomics, Spring 2024

ECON 3020

Managerial Economics, Spring 2024

ECON 2020

Principles of Economics II SS, Spring 2024


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Samad, Abdus , The 9th Annual American Business Research Conference, "Comparative Technical Efficiency in Deposit Mobilizations and Loan Financing_ Evidence from the Islamic Banks Malaysia during 2008-2012", World Business Institute, Australia. (July, 2017)
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Samad, Abdus , MBAA International, "Determinants of Financial Institution Developments during the Antebellum Illinois", MBAA International Organization, Chicago. (March, 2017)
Samad, Abdus , 14th Asian Business Research Conference, "Can CAMEL Explain Commercial Bank Efficiency? Evidence from Bangladesh", World Business Institute, Australia. (December 30, 2016)
Samad, Abdus , MBAA International Conference, "Financial Deepening and Economic Growth during the Antebellum Era 1834 – 1864", MBAA International organization, Chicago. (April 13, 2016)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Samad, Abdus , "Array" .
Samad, Abdus , (2022) "“Is there any Causality between the Islamic Banks’ Deposit Returns and the Conventional Banks’ Interest Rates? Evidence from Malaysian Commercial Banking”, " (Issue: 3, vol. 12). Istanbul : International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues. https://doi.org/10.32479/ijefi.13003
Samad, Abdus , "“Does Okun’s Law and its Coefficient, = 3 exists? Evidence from 15 South and Southeast Asian”" .
Samad, Abdus , "“Does Okun’s Law and its Coefficient value, β exist? Evidence from Sixteenth South and Southeast Asian Countries during 1991-2020” " (Issue: (1), , vol. 28 ). Korea: Global Business and Finance Review. DOI : Https_//doi.org/10.17549/gbfr.2023.28.1.88
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Samad, Abdus , (2021) "“Bootstrap DEA Efficiencies of the GCC Islamic Banks 2014-2016: Sources and Comparison During 2014-2016”, " (Issue: 1, vol. 11). Istanbul: International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues.


Faculty Excellence Award

Utah Valley University

Scholar of the Year

Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University

U.S. Fulbright scholarship

US State Department - August, 1984