Dr. Sayeed Sajal is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Utah Valley University. He earned his Master's and Doctoral degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from North Dakota State University. He also has an MBA in Finance and Marketing. In addition, he has 5 years of industrial experience in the wireless telecommunications industry. His research focuses on secure wireless communications, cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, data science, and sensor design. He passionately loves to teach, believing in the "ripple effect of teaching" that will continue even after his death. Dr. Sajal describes himself as the father of two delightful children who inspire him to make the world a better place.


CS 3320

Numerical Software Development, Summer 2022

CS 3320

Numerical Software Development, Summer 2022

CS 2600

Computer Networks I, Spring 2022

CS 2690

Computer Networks II, Spring 2022

CS 4670

Undergraduate Research Project for Networking Specialization, Spring 2022


Ballard, Michael B (Panelist), Lago, Baldomero (Coordinator/Organizer), Sajal, Sayeed (Moderator), Singer, Meg (Panelist), Saaga, Leonne (Panelist), UVU 2021 International Mother Language Day Celebration, "International Mother Language Day Celebration", UVU Office of Global Engagement, Facebook Live. (February, 2021)