James Price

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Professor Jim Price


I have loved science since I was a child. My older sister went to college and I inherited a fish tank and a room full of books and magazines about biology, nature, and science. I initially wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but when I took a Genetics class in college, I fell in love and that is what I studied. In graduate school I studied catalytic RNA (a new discovery), and as a postdoctoral fellow, I studied Developmental Genetics. I supervised a research lab at Simon Fraser University for 10 years, but teaching was the part of my job that I enjoyed most. I came to UVU to focus on teaching.


Array, University of Colorado, 1986

Major: Molecular Biology

Array, University of California, 1980

Major: Biology


BIOL 3515

Advanced Genetics Laboratory, Spring 2024

BIOL 1010

General Biology BB, Spring 2024

BIOL 3500

Genetics, Spring 2024

BIOL 3500

Genetics, Spring 2024


Student Research, Spring 2024


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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