Daniel Scott

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Dan Scott


Dr. Scott was raised in California and attended American River junior college, Brigham Young University Idaho, and Brigham you University- Hawaii where he received his Bachelors degree in chemistry and Spanish. He did his graduate studies at the University of California- Davis working with Michael Toney where he received his PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry with a designated emphasis in biotechnology. He had an opportunity to work with Gerd Kleemann as an intern at Amgen on their Thousand Oaks campus in the formulations department working on the development of protein stability assays.

After his graduate work he was a post doctoral fellow at the Hawaii National Energy Institute for 2 and a half years working with Bor Yann Liaw developing bio-fuel cell configurations and catalysts.

In 2008 he became an assistant professor at Brigham young University- Hawaii where he taught and researched until 2022. He came to Utah Valley University in the Fall of 2022.


Ph D, University of California-Davis, 2006

Major: Physical Organic Chemistry

BS, Brigham young University-Hawaii, 2001

Major: Chemistry


CHEM 1215

Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory, Spring 2023

CHEM 1215

Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory, Spring 2023

CHEM 1210

Principles of Chemistry I PP, Spring 2023


Special Topics in Chemistry, Spring 2023