Violeta Vasilevska

Faculty Member

Violeta Vasilevska


Dr. Vasilevska was born and raised in Republic of Macedonia (SFRYugoslavia) (today Republic of North Macedonia). She has been in US since 2000 and been teaching at UVU since 2010.

Teaching Philosophy:

- maintaining engaged & inclusive classroom by using various active-learning methods
- using diverse assignments to accommodate diverse learners
- supporting equitable and comfortable class environment by empowering students to be successful critical thinkers and achieve their goals
- showing sincere care and respect for students while guiding them to reach their potential

Research Interests:

- Graph Theory
- Geometric/Algebraic Topology
- (Geometric) Group Theory
- Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
- Math Education

Undergraduate Research Projects:

- Investigating Coperfectly Hopfian Groups
- Math and Art Designs (given 5 national & regional presentations; one paper in preparation)
- Counting Points in Scaled Polytopes (given 5 national & regional presentations)
- Investigating Properties of the Cayley Graph of the Group of Integers with respect to Infinite Generating Sets (given 11 national & regional presentations; one published paper; received national award for outstanding presentation)
- Outreach and Mentoring through Math Girls Rock! program (given 6 national & regional presentations)

Selected Awards:

- Faculty Senate Excellence Award, Spring 2020, Spring 2015
- Outstanding Teaching Award, Spring 2017 (the Intermountain MAA Section)
- 2016 Champion of Inclusion Award for a Faculty Member, Spring 2016
- 2nd Place Faculty Poster, UVU Engaged Learning Week, Spring 2016
- Wolverine Achievement (Distinguished Volunteer Service), UVU, Spring 2014

Outreach Activities:

Founder and Project Director of "Math Girls Rock!" outreach program for high school girls, 2011-present
Co-organizer of Math-Science (Forensics; Cyber-Security) Conferences for students, 2015-2018


Ph D, The University of Tennessee, 2004

Major: Mathematics

MS, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, 1998

Major: Mathematics

BS, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, 1992

Major: Mathematics


MATH 6000

Mathematics Core Review, Summer 2024

MATH 1220

Calculus II, Spring 2024


Calculus II, Spring 2024

MATH 1050

College Algebra QL, Spring 2024

MATH 3100

Foundations of Geometry, Spring 2024

MATH 4320

Introduction to Modern Algebra II, Spring 2024


Math Leap, Spring 2024


Vasilevska, Violeta , Intermountain Section Spring Meeting, "Projects that Enhance Students’ Communication (Written and Oral) Skills", Salt lake City, UT. (March 30, 2024)
Vasilevska, Violeta , 2nd Annual Symposium of Teaching and Learning_ Practice and Research, "Developing Student’s Technical and Communication Skills", UVU. (March 29, 2024)
Vasilevska, Violeta , SheTech Explorer Day, "Math + Coloring + Origami = Recipe for FUN", Sandy, UT. (March 14, 2024)
Vasilevska, Violeta , International Women’s Day_ Invest in women_ Accelerate progress., "N/A - panel", UVU. (March 8, 2024)
Vasilevska, Violeta , JMM (AMS Special Session on Developing Students’ Technical Communication Skills through Mathematics Courses), "Projects that Enrich Students’ Technical and Communication Skills", San Francisco, CA. (January 4, 2024)
Vasilevska, Violeta , SCULPT Mentoring Community (Community of Practice), "Implementing CURE in a Graph Theory Class", UVU. (December 6, 2023)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Bjorkman, Beth , Cao, Leo , Kenter, Franklin , Moruzzi, Ryan , Reinhart, Carolyn , Vasilevska, Violeta , "Leaky Zero Forcing on Unicyclic Graphs and Generalized Petersen Graphs " .
Vasilevska, Violeta , (2023) "Connecting Modern Algebra with Secondary Math Content" . Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Fall 2023.
Marr, A , Nelsen, L. L. , Nelsen, L. M. , Osborne, C. , Vasilevska, Violeta , "Domino Antimagic Squares and Rectangles" . Recreational Mathematics Magazine .
Vasilevska, Violeta , (2022) "Personal Tips and Trips from the Livestream Classroom" . 2022 ICTCM Conference Proceedings .
Debnath, J. , Posta, F. , Vasilevska, Violeta , "Simplex Introduction to Optimization from Theory to Data" .


Flexible Teaching Award_ Best Design, 3rd Place

OTL, UVU - April, 2024

For designing the hybrid College Algebra class with OER textbook and low cost online HW system.

Global Spotlight Fellow

Office for Global Engagement - April, 2024

Recognition form the Office for Global Engagement for organizing event with Dr. Su on Math for Human Flourishing

UVU Women’s Award_ Outstanding Faculty Service Award

WSC - April, 2024

Awarded by the Women’s Success Center for recognition of the embodiment of the WSC mission through my scholarship, teaching, and service.

2024 UWHEN Mentorship Award (nominated)

State UWHEN - March, 2024

Thank A Teacher


Flexible (Online) Teaching Award, 1st Place in Best Delivery (Hybrid)