Violeta Vasilevska

Violeta Vasilevska

Professor - Mathematics

Office: LA-121J

Phone: 801-863-8649

Mailstop: 261

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Math Research Papers:

V. Vasilevska, "Coperfectly Hopfian Groups and Shape Fibrator's Properties," Topology Appl., 266 (2019), 106842, 11 pp.

K. F. Benson, D. Ferrero, M. Flagg, V. Furst, L. Hogben, V. Vasilevska, "Note on Nordhaus-Gaddum Problems for Power Domination," Discrete Appl. Math.,
251 (2018), 103-113.

K. F. Benson, D. Ferrero, M. Flagg, V. Frust, L. Hogben, V. Vasilevska, B. Wisseman, "Zero-forcing and power domination for graph products," ( Australas. J. Combin. 70 (2018), 221-235.

D. Adams, D. Gulbrandsen, V. Vasilevska, "Exploring properties of Cayley graphs of the Integers with infinite generating sets," Mathematics Exchange, Vol. 10 No.1, (2016), 40-50.

Math Education Research Papers:

V. Vasilevska, "Flipping the Hybrid College Algebra Classroom Using MyLabTM Math," The 2018 ICTCM Conference Proceedings, 2018.

N. Benaki, J. Debnath, T. Magnus, V. Vasilevska, "(De)Encrypting with KidRSA{No KidING! Using Mathematics to Keep Communication Private," CCICADA module series, 2016.

L. Vasilevska, V. Vasilevska, "Playing with Continued Fractions", Sigma Skopje, 2017.

C. McBee, V. Vasilevska, "Information for Faculty New to Undergraduate Research," Involve, 2014.

Selected Awards:

- Faculty Senate Excellence Award, Spring 2020, Spring 2015
- Outstanding Teaching Award, Spring 2017 (the Intermountain MAA Section)
- 2016 Champion of Inclusion Award for a Faculty Member, Spring 2016
- 2nd Place Faculty Poster, UVU Engaged Learning Week, Spring 2016
- Wolverine Achievement (Distinguished Volunteer Service), UVU, Spring 2014

Outreach Activities:

Founder and Project Director of "Math Girls Rock!" outreach program for high school girls, 2011-present
Co-organizer of Math-Science (Forensics; Cyber-Security) Conferences for students, 2015-2018

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