Michael Bunds

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Michael Bunds


For more information on me, please visit: sites.google.com/view/neotectonics-at-uvu

My primary goal when teaching general education earth science classes is to pass along some of my love and enthusiasm for natural science. I also feel it is crucial to help students learn important fundamentals of the Earth, especially the origin of ocean basins, mountain belts, and common rocks. I place a strong emphasis on the surficial geologic processes that shape the land on which we live as well. I believe that Earth Science majors should be broadly educated in the geosciences and acquire skills that will be useful in their careers.

My research focuses on faulting in the Earth's crust, the generation of earthquakes, and landslide processes. Since 2013, I have developed and applied structure-from-motion photogrammetry methods to create centimeter - resolution digital elevation models of the ground surface. We've used the models in a wide array of projects, including mapping faults and landslides, measuring fault motion, detecting landscape change from ocean wave and other processes, and measuring snow depth. All of my projects involve students, so if this work sounds interesting come see me. I'm also very proud to be collaborating in these projects with other UVU professors, as well as scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Michigan, Utah State, BYU, University of Canterbury (New Zealand), and elsewhere.


Ph D, University of Utah, 2001
Ph D, University of Utah, 2001

Major: Geology

MS, University of California at Davis, 1994

Major: Geology

MS, University of California, Davis, 1994
BA, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1984

Major: Geological Sciences

BA, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1984


GEO 1010

Introduction to Geology PP, Spring 2022

METO 1010

Introduction to Meteorology PP, Spring 2022

GEO 3700

Structure and Tectonics, Spring 2022

GEO 489R

Student Research, Spring 2022


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Stahl, T A, Niemi, N A, Delano, J , Wolfe, F D, Bunds, Michael , Howell, A , (2021) "Diffuse Tectonic Deformation in The Drum Mountains Fault Zone, Utah, USA_ Testing the Utility of Legacy Aerial Photograph-Derived Topography" .
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