Brian Munis

Faculty Member

Dr. B. Kal Munis


BA, Political Science, University of Montana (2013)
MA, Political Science, University of Montana (2015)
PhD, Government, University of Virginia (2020)

Research interests: campaigns & elections, political communication, political psychology, public opinion, political geography, urban-rural divide, polarization, political violence.


Ph D, University of Virginia, 2020

Major: American Politics

MA, University of Montana, 2015

Major: Political Science

BA, University of Montana, 2013

Major: Political Science


POLS 1100

American National Government AS, Spring 2024

POLS 1100

American National Government AS, Spring 2024


Independent Study, Spring 2024

POLS 1010

Introduction to Political Science SS, Spring 2024

POLS 1010

Introduction to Political Science SS, Spring 2024


Issues and Topics in Political Science, Spring 2024


Munis, Kal (Discussant), The Past, Present, and Future of Rural Politics in America, "The Rural Voter", Colby College Department of Government, Waterville, ME. (January 25, 2023)
Munis, Kal (Presenter & Author), University of Kent Political Psychology Outside Research Talk Series, "Clarifying the Connections Between Racial and Geographic Political Attitudes in the United States", University of Kent Department of Psychology, Canterbury, England, United Kingdom. (July 6, 2022)
Munis, Kal (Presenter & Author), UC Political Science Outside Research Talk Series, "Clarifying the Connection Between Race and Place in Attitudes About Rural Deprivation in the United States", University of Calgary Department of Political Science, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (April 5, 2022)
Munis, Kal , Decoding Voting_ The Pros and Cons of Ranked Choice Voting, "Democratic Health in Montana and The Pros and Cons of Ranked Choice Voting", The Burton K. Wheeler Center at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. (November 6, 2021)
Munis, Kal , Making Your Vote Count_ How Vting Methods affect Election Outcomes, "How Electoral Rules Affect Democratic Health", Wyoming League of Women Voters, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, and the Braver Angels of Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming. (October 24, 2021)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Munis, Kal , Memovic, Arif , Christley, Olyvia R, (2023) "Of Rural Resentment and Storming Capitols_ An Investigation of the Geographic Contours of Support for Political Violence in the United States" . Political Behavior.
Dawkins, Ryan , Nemerever, Zoe , Munis, Kal , Verville, Francesca , (2023) "Place, Race, and the Geographic Politics of White Grievance" . Political Behavior.
Munis, Kal , Burke, Richard , (2023) "Talk Local to Me_ Assessing the Heterogenous Effects of Localistic Appeals" . American Politics Research.
Saldin, Robert , Munis, Kal , (2023) "Faction is the (only viable) future for the Democratic party" . The Niskanen Center.
Jacobs, Nicholas , Munis, Kal , (2022) "Place-Based Resentment in Contemporary U.S. Elections_ The Individual Sources of America’s Urban-Rural Divide" . Political Research Quarterly.
Holbein, John , Bradshaw, Catherine , Munis, Kal , Rabinowitz, Jill , Ialongo, Nicholas , (2022) "Promoting Voter Turnout_ an Unanticipated Impact of Early-Childhood Preventive Interventions" . Prevention Science.


2023 Federalism Visiting Scholar

UVU Center for Constitutional Studies - February 15, 2023

I was selected to be the 2023 Federalism Visiting Scholar, a research position attached to the Federalism Index Project at UVU's Center for Constitutional Studies. I will hold this position throughout the entire calendar year of 2023 (thus straddling the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years) under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Bibby. I am the third person to be named to this position - the two before me are world leaders in the field of federalism studies. In this position I will primarily be engaged in research regarding contemporary dynamics of American federalism.