Joshua Premo

Faculty Member

Dr. Josh Premo


I am broadly interested in social aspects of K-16 science learning. My early work focused on how different aspects of classroom social environments relate to student dispositions towards cooperating with their peers during learning. More recently I have began exploring two areas: 1) How classroom social environments and interactions impact learning, 2) Investigating different factors that predict changes in students' science identity, motivation, and immersion

I also have secondary interests in educational psychometrics and science misconceptions.

I you are interested in science education or the social psychology of education contact me! There are mentored research opportunities available!

Selected Publications

Premo, J., Cavagnetto, A., Collin, L., Davis, W. B., & Offerdahl, E. (2023). Discourse remixed: Shifting science learning through talk. Journal of Experimental Education. 91(2), 336-357.

Premo, J., Wyatt, B., Horn, M., & Wilson-Ashworth, H. (2022). Which Group Dynamics Matter: Social Predictors of student achievement in team-based undergraduate science classrooms. CBE-Life Science Education. 21(3), ar51.

Cavagnetto, A., Premo, J., Coleman, Z., & Jeurgens, K. (2022). Accuracy and Idea Consideration: A Study of Small Group Interaction in Biology. CBE-Life Science Education. 21(1), ar5.

Premo. J., Cavagnetto A., and Davis, W. (2018). Promoting Collaborative Classrooms: The impacts of interdependent cooperative learning on undergraduate interactions and achievement. CBE-Life Science Education. 17(2), ar17-fe5.


BIOL 1010

General Biology BB, Spring 2023


General Biology BB, Spring 2023

EDSP 4895

Special Education Student Teaching--7-12, Spring 2023

EDSC 4850

Student Teaching Secondary, Spring 2023


Wyatt, Britt (Presenter & Author), Cusick, Jess , Ogden, Heath (Author Only), Hassan, Kariman (Author Only), Backman, Eden (Author Only), Lund, Jon (Author Only), Bischoff, Porter (Author Only), Garret, Kody (Author Only), Premo, Josh (Presenter & Author), XDBER 2023, "Students’ Relationship with Science_ It’s Complicated. ". (April, 2023)
Athens, Wendy (Presenter & Author), Premo, Josh (Presenter & Author), Andrist, Kathy (Presenter & Author), Anderson, Jon (Presenter & Author), OLC Accelerate Education Session, "Enabling Students Daily Choice of How to Attend Class_ Wisdom from Three Faculty Who Taught HyFlex", Online Learning Consortium, Virtual. (September 24, 2021)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Vaughn, Margaret , Premo, Joshua , Erickson, Danielle , McManus, Christine , (2020) "Student Agency in Literacy_ Validation of the Student Agency Profile (StAP)" (Issue: Online First, vol. Online First). Reading Psychology.
Cavagnetto, Andy , Hand, Brian , Premo, Joshua , (2020) "Supporting student agency in science" (Issue: 2, vol. 59). Theory into Practice.
Vaughn, Margaret , Premo, Joshua , Sotirovska, Vera V., Erickson, Danielle , (2019) "Evaluating Agency in Literacy Using the Student Agency Profile" (Issue: 4, vol. 73). The Reading Teacher.


Provided Exceptional Student Support During COVID-19

UVU - May 7, 2020

University recognition for providing exceptional support for students during the COVID-19 emergency transition to remote learning (based on students recommendation). This was communicated via a recognition letter.

Highest rated talk proposal from a four year institution

Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research - January, 2020

The 2020 Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research's Western Division Conference recognized one top rated proposal from a four year institution and honored me with a plenary speaker position at the conference,