Darah Snow

Darah Snow

Sr Director - Multicultural Student Services

Office: LA-126E

Phone: 801-863-7349

Mailstop: 105

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Darah Mapuana Snow is the Senior Director of Multicultural Student Services at UVU. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice/Criminal Law from UVU in 2009, and her Master of Education in Education, Culture, & Society (ECS) from the U in 2016.

Her professional experience includes 14 years of providing administrative support and guidance to departmental directors, faculty, and staff, with 11 years of direct experience in a full-time supervisor/management role, and her expertise has been in Student Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Through her current role, she has established partnerships with stakeholders to advance recruitment, retention, and marketing strategies to meet the needs of diverse students and colleagues. Darah has served on campus committees addressing institutional needs related to student support services, student retention and completion, basic needs, accessibility and accommodations, global/intercultural curriculum development, institutional planning and effectiveness, strategic planning and assessment, and furthering institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Darah is of Hawaiian and Samoan ancestry, and originally from Mililani, Hawaii. She moved to Utah to attend college and her experience as a minority student helped to inform and shape her passion for improving access and resources for historically underrepresented and marginalized students within higher education. This led to her professional experience working at UVU in roles that have allowed her to contribute towards developing and identifying interventions and best practices for minority students that centers their cultural identity, knowledge, and experience and informs programming that improves and redefines their success.