Dr. Danny Horns

Faculty Member

Dr. Danny Horns


Dr. Horns serves as Dean for the College of Science and he teaches geology courses for the Department of Earth Science at Utah Valley University (UVU). As Dean, Dr. Horns helps faculty members develop their skills as excellent teachers, helps members of the faculty and staff develop extracurricular learning opportunities for students, and facilitates initiatives to attract ever more excellent and diverse students, faculty, and staff to the college.

Prior to joining UVU, Dr. Horns worked for several years as a geologist at a geotechnical and environmental engineering firm. As a consulting geologist, he provided expertise on issues related to geologic hazards, water resources, and groundwater pollution. Thanks to this experience as an applied scientist, Dr. Horns promotes development of pratical skills for our students and cultivation of industry partnerships for our students, faculty, and staff.


Ph D, U.C. Davis, 1992

Major: Geology

BS, UCLA, 1985

Major: Applied Geophysics


GEO 1010

Introduction to Geology PP, Summer 2020


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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Atlas Award

UVU Office for Global Engagement - April, 2021

Community Engagement Award

UVU Latin American Celebration - May, 2019

Presidential Award of Excellence for Inclusion

Utah Valley University - April 20, 2014

College of Science and Health Teacher of the Year

Utah Valley University - April 20, 2001

Alumni Association Teacher of the Year

Utah Valley University - April 20, 1999