David Scott

Faculty Member

Dr. David Scott


Ph D, University of Georgia, 1999

Major: Mass Communication


COMM 3700

Free Expression in a Democratic Society, Spring 2023

COMM 3050

Theories of Communication and Culture WE, Spring 2023

COMM 3780

www.uvu.edu/otl/students/index.html , Spring 2023


Scott, David (Presenter & Author), Scott, David W. (Presenter & Author), David Scott, "The Proclamation on the Family_ Meaning-Making among Mormons in the Private and the Public Sphere,", Mormon Media Studies Assc., Laie, Hawaii. (November 3, 2016)
Petersen, Boyd (Presenter & Author), Scott, David W. (Presenter & Author), Sixth International Conference on Media, Gender & Religion hosted by the Center for Media, Religion and Culture, "Material Culture Meets Material World_ An Analysis of the Religious and Cultural Significance of the Mormon Proclamation on the Family", Center for Media, Religion and Culture at University of Colorado at Boulder , Boulder, Colorado. (January 9, 2016)
Scott, David (Presenter & Author), 3rd Annual Religion & Culture Symposium, "Religion, Culture, & Entertainment_ How LDS audiences resolve conflict when media content is at odds with their religiosity", SLCC, Salt Lake City, UT. ()
Scott, David (Presenter & Author), AEJMC annual meeting, "Virtual angels, temples, and religious worship_ A journey with the Mormons in Second Life. ", AEJMC, Denver, Co.. ()
Scott, David (Panelist), Mormon Media Symposium, "Mormon Teachings about the Media_ Message and Audience and Considerations", BYU, Prove, Ut. ()
Scott, David (Presenter & Author), Mormonism in the Public Mind, "Was Jesus Scandinavian? Sacred Archetypes at Temple Square", Utah Valley University, Orem, UT. ()

Scholarly/Creative Works

Scott, David , (2011) "The discursive construct of virtual angels, temples, and religious worship_ Mormon theology and culture in Second Life." (Issue: 1, vol. 44). Dialogue: Journal of Mormon Thought.
Scott, David , (2011) "Religiosity in South Park_ Struggles over institutional and personal piety among residents of a “redneck town.” " (Issue: 3, vol. 10). Journal of Media and Religion.
Scott, David , Stout, Daniel , (2010) "A date with science and religion_ An analysis of the encoding & decoding practices at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Charlotte, North Carolina" . Critical Studies in Media Communication. First published on_ 18 November, 2010 (iFirst)..
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Scott, David , Stout, Daniel , (2006) "Religion on TIME_ Personal spiritual quests and religious institutions on the cover of a popular news magazine" (Issue: 1, vol. 8). Journal of Magazine and New Media Research.


Research Funding

USC College of Journalism and Mass Communications

UGA Research Grant

Community Newspapers, Inc.

H.B.G. Advertising Research Scholarship


Graduate Research Grant

Department of Communications, Brigham Young University