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Amie Houghton


Amie is an expert within the forensic investigation field. She has an extensive background in crime scene investigation, analysis and reconstruction, which she obtained from over a decade of working in federal law enforcement. Amie serves as the director of the Forensic Investigation emphasis and Crime Scene House. She teaches Introduction to Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation Techniques, Forensic Photography, Forensic Pathology and Medicolegal Death Investigations.

Prior to her appointment at UVU, Amie was a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. During her 11 years of experience with NCIS, she conducted felony level criminal investigations for the Department of the Navy within the US and overseas, including Afghanistan. She worked homicide, suicide, natural death cases; property crime; adult and child sexual assault. She worked counterterrorism/force protection issues by supporting US Naval ships visiting foreign ports within the Middle East, in addition to counterintelligence operations in Afghanistan. In 2013, she joined a specialized unit within NCIS, Office of Forensic Support, where she served as forensic consultant for Marine West, Camp Pendleton, CA. In this capacity she supported all Marine Corps bases in the western US. She provided consultation on major or complex crime scene investigations/analysis. She also provided training to NCIS personnel and local law enforcement focused on skills associated with CSI. In 2015, she was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent for the Pacific Region in the Office of Forensic Support. She supervised Forensic Consultants who provided support in the western US and Far East regions for the DoN.


MS, George Washington University, 2004

Major: Forensic Science

BS, Arizona State University, 2001

Major: Biology


FSCI 3830

Crime Scene Investigation Techniques II WE, Spring 2024

FSCI 3830

Crime Scene Investigation Techniques II WE, Spring 2024


Directed Reading and Special Projects, Spring 2024

FSCI 4100

Forensic Pathology, Spring 2024


Forensic Science Internship, Spring 2024


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Houghton, Amie , "The Smoking Gun Evidence in the Tragic Death of Vincent Van Goh" (Issue: IJFSC-RW-24-413). Novi, MI: Medwin Publishers.
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Board of Trustees Award of Excellence

Utah Valley University - February, 2022

The UVU Board of Trustee Awards of Excellence are the university's most prestigious award designed to recognize UVU employees who have made outstanding long-term contributions to the university.

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