Dr. Leandra Hernandez

Faculty Member

Dr. Leandra Hernandez


Dr. Leandra H. Hernandez (Ph.D., Texas A&M University) enjoys teaching health communication, gender studies, and media studies courses. She utilizes Chicana feminist & qualitative approaches to explore Latina/o/x cultural health experiences, Latina/o/x journalism and media representations, and reproductive justice and gendered violence contexts. Her teaching philosophy is informed by social justice approaches, and she is passionate about mentoring undergraduate students through diverse and inclusive research projects.

Courses Taught:
1) COMM 2115: Introduction to Health Communication
2) COMM 4115: Advanced Health Communication
3) COMM 3020: Communication Research Methods
4) COMM 3000: Media Ethics
5) COM 350R: Health Communication & Culture
6) COM 350R: Media Representation

Monograph & Co-Edited Volumes:
1) Challenging Reproductive Control and Gendered Violence in the Americas: Intersectionality, Power, and Struggles for Rights (2018), recipient of the 2018 NCA FGSD Bonnie Ritter Book Award
2) This Bridge We Call Communication: Anzalduan Approaches to Theory, Method, and Praxis (2019), recipient of the 2020 OSCLG Outstanding Feminist Book Award
3) Military Spouses with Graduate Degrees: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Thriving amidst Uncertainty (2019), recipient of the 2019 Military Writers Society of America Bronze Medal Book Award
4) Latina/o/x Communication Studies: Theories, Methods, and Praxis (2019)

Book Series:
1) Co-editor, Lexington Press - Studies in Health Communication Series
2) Co-editor, Peter Lang - Cultural Media Studies Series

1) UVU 2020 CHSS Faculty Inclusion Award
2) UVU 2020 Faculty Champion of Inclusion Award
3) NCA 2020 Activism & Social Justice Division Pedagogy Award
4) NCA 2020 Communication Ethics Division Teaching Award


Ph D, Texas A&M University, 2014

Major: Communication


COMM 4115

Advanced Health Communication, Fall 2021

COMM 3040

Media Ethics, Fall 2021


Special Topics in Communication, Fall 2021

COMM 3000

Media Ethics, Summer 2021

COMM 3000

Media Ethics, Summer 2021

COMM 3790

Case Studies in Journalism, Spring 2021

COMM 4120

Group Communication, Spring 2021

COMM 3000

Media Ethics, Spring 2021


Race Class and Gender in U S Cinema GI HH, Spring 2021

Scholarly/Creative Works

Hernandez, Leandra , Upton, Sarah , (2020) "Insider/Outsiders, Reproductive (In)justice, and the U.S.-Mexico Border" (Issue: 8, vol. 35). Health Communication. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10410236.2019.1602819?casa_token=LqxdzV06fVUAAAAA%3ABEDgwOvnDw3A7w-Ib88XkmmNjrpnNMwoBChQw287snWDZXuYY58OMfAUh62M6SGQHG_Vc51t9zU
Hernandez, Leandra , (2020) "Silence, (In)Action, and the Downfalls of White Allyship" (Issue: 1, vol. 43). Women & Language.
Hernandez, Leandra , (2020) "Identity Politics in the Classroom_ An Application of Critical Love to Teaching Difficult Topics in the Military Classroom Battlefield" . New York, NY: Working in the Margins_ Domestic and International Minority Women in Higher Education. https://www.peterlang.com/view/title/69925
Hernandez, Leandra , (2019) "Across Bridges and Islands Borderlands Perspectives on Merit, Whiteness, and Privilege" (Issue: 4, vol. 8). Departures in Critical Qualitative Research.
Hernandez, Leandra , (2019) "Discursive Constructions of Motherhood_ A Feminist Analysis of Social Media Discourses about Motherhood, Religion, and 19 Kids & Counting" (Issue: 4, vol. 18). Journal of Media and Religion. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15348423.2019.1696117
Hernandez, Leandra , (2019) "Latina/o/x Communication Studies_ Theories, Methods, and Practice" . Lanham, MD: Lexington Press (Rowman & Littlefield). https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781498558754/Latina-o-x-Communication-Studies-Theories-Methods-and-Practice


NCA Activism and Social Justice Pedagogy Award (2020)

National Communication Association Activism and Social Justice Division - November, 2020

Per the committee_
"We had a highly competitive pool of applicants and the Awards Committee had to make difficult choices. But they agreed that your application materials stood out among the rest. A few bullet points that the Committee highlighted include the following_
*Dr. Hernandez tirelessly works in her role as Assistant Professor at Utah Valley University to create safe spaces for and mentor marginalized and excluded students and to connect her courses and students directly to local organizations to engage in vital justice-related work.
*In Spring 2020, for example, her student groups worked to enhance equitable, social justice-informed healthcare for deaf communities, African refugee communities, Hispanic/Latino families who have children with disabilities, and domestic violence survivors.
*In recognition of her social justice and activism pedagogy efforts, she was also awarded_ 1) the 2020 UVU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Inclusion Award, and 2) the UVU 2020 Faculty Champion of Inclusion Award--both of which recognize her vital work to "promote increased collaborations between students and healthcare organizations that lead to more culturally competent and relevant understandings and practices" in this arena."

NCA Communication Ethics Division Pedagogy Award

National Communication Association, Communication Ethics Division - November, 2020

This award, from the NCA Communication Ethics Division, recognizes the division's top educator for their dedication to teaching communication ethics courses.

2020 OSCLG Outstanding Book Award

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender - August 19, 2020

My co-edited book This Bridge Called Communication_ Anzalduan Approaches to Theory, Method, and Praxis was awarded the 2020 OSCLG Outstanding Book Award.
Per the committee_ "The award committee found this book to be deeply complex and multi-vocal, while also profoundly wise. We were particularly impressed by your ability, as editors, to encourage your authors to write in ways that best conveyed their message. In addition, your book moved the discussion of Anzalduan approaches forward, in a uniquely communicative way. And of course, the insights into gender as well as intersectional identities was substantial."

HEA Fellowship - Award of Fellow

HEA (Higher Education Association) - July, 2020

2020 CHSS Inclusion Award for Faculty

UVU CHSS - March 12, 2020

2020 Faculty Champion of Inclusion Award

UVU Inclusion Committee - March 12, 2020