Patricia Garcia

Patricia Garcia

Teaching Lab Manager - Earth Science

Office: PS-202C

Phone: 801-863-8580

Mailstop: 79

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I am a geologist, my focus is invertebrate paleontology. Ancient life and ecosystems are something I find very interesting, as well as important for our understanding of life and the mass extinction event we are now experiencing. I also study atmospheric processes, and have the opportunity to study storm genesis of the Midwest this summer with a colleague in my department.

The outdoors is my favorite place to be, and this had lead directly to my love of geology and atmospheric science.

In the future, I plan to collaborate with meteorologists from other areas to make a series of scientific videos which can be used for teaching here at UVU. I plan to study air quality in places prone to temperature inversions, seeking a better understanding of the problems we are dealing with in the cities along the Wasatch Front.

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