William Erb

Bill Erb

Sr Director - Student Health Services

Office: SC-221

Mailstop: 200

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Bill graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor?s degree in psychology. He received his graduate degrees from Brigham Young University in counseling and school psychology. He is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC). Bill is the Sr. Director of Student Health Services at UVU. On occasion Bill teaches abnormal psychology and group psychotherapy classes for the behavioral science department. He also runs a private practice specializing in individual therapy, complicated grief, and psychological assessment. Bill has been at UVU since 2000.


I echo the perspectives given by A.W.A.R.E. in that I believe education to be defined as a process of training and development of a person's mind, character, skills, and abilities whereby an individual can distinguish between right and wrong, think and act rationally and therefore be responsible for his/her individual behavior. (A.W.A.R.E. Oakland, California)

As such, within this world of learning there are those in the student body that cannot fully engage in this most important opportunity. As a therapist and teacher I am privileged to impact the above process in personally meaningful ways.

I can assist those who are not engaging in their education to a level where their mental health will support the pursuit of knowledge and personal advancement. It has been my experience and the observation of developmentalists such as Maslow that without meeting basal needs within the individual such as safety, belonging, and affiliation the higher pursuit of knowledge is held as irrelevant to the individual. It is my goal to promote change and choice at these foundational levels and to thereby promote the embracing of learning within the individual.

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