Lynn England

Faculty Member

Dr. Lynn England


Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in Mathermatical Sociology,Faculty member at BYU for 35 years in the Department of Sociology. Served as department chair, chair of the Faculty Advisory Council, and acting director of Latin American Studies. Primary scholarship during this time was in rural community studies, Latin America, poverty, race, and sociological theory. Retired at BYU and joined UVU faculty in 2005. Current teaching and research focuses on peace studies, race, Cuba, and rural communities. Current director of Peace and Justice Studies.


POLS 1000

American Heritage AS, Summer 2024

HIST 3260

History of Utah, Summer 2024

POLS 1000

American Heritage AS, Spring 2024

POLS 1000

American Heritage AS, Spring 2024

PJST 3000

Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies WE, Spring 2024

PJST 4900

Peace and Justice Studies Capstone, Spring 2024

SOC 263G

Race and Minority Relations GI, Spring 2024