Fern Caka

Faculty Member

Dr. Fern Caka


Dr. Fern Caka has been on the faculty of UVU since 2001. She received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Brigham Young University. Her research focus is air pollution chemistry. She served as Chair of the Chemistry Department from 2015-2019. She currently is an Associate Dean in the College of Science.


Ph D, Brigham Young University, 1993

Major: Analytical Chemistry

MS, Brigham Young University, 1990

Major: Analytical Chemistry

BA, Brigham Young University, 1987

Major: Chemistry


CHEM 1110

Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences PP, Spring 2023

CHEM 1110

Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences PP, Spring 2023

CHEM 1110

Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences PP, Spring 2023


Caka, Fern (Presenter Only), Inspired Leadership Series, "My Path to Leadership", UVU Center for the Advancement of Leadership. (March, 2019)
Caka, Fern (Panelist), UVU Environmental Ethics Symposium on Air Pollution, "The Air We Breath", Utah Valley University. (March, 2019)
Caka, Fern (Presenter Only), UVU Technology Conference, "Designing Interactive Activities with Qualtrics ", UVU Office of Teaching and Learning. (February, 2019)
Caka, Fern (Presenter Only), Department Seminar, "Research in the Himalaya. Burning Yak Dung and a MegaQuake", Utah Valley University Chemistry Department. (April, 2016)
Caka, Fern (Presenter Only), International Women of the Mountains Conference, "Indoor PM2.5 Concentrations in Remote Himalayan Villages", UVU. (March, 2016)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Cropper, Paul M, Eatough, Delbert J, Overson, Devon K, Hansen, Jaron C, Caka, Fern , Cary, Robert A, (2017) "Use of a GC-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor for In-Field Detection of Fine Particulate Organic Compounds in Source Apportionment" (Issue: 38, vol. 62). Pittsbury, PA: Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association.


USHE Women's Leadership Exchange Graduate


Selected as member of inaugural cohort to represent UVU at the State Level.

UVU Best Online Course Design

Office of Teaching and Learning

Awarded for development of the CHEM 1110 online course.

UVSELF Graduate


Selected for University leadership training.

Dean's Award_ Excellence in Teaching

College of Science

Chemluminary Award for the Outstanding Local Section

American Chemical Society

Served as ACS Chair of the local section during the year the award was given.

Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher

Central Utah Section of the American Chemical Society