Michael T Stevens

Michael T Stevens

Professor - Biology

Office: SB-242H

Phone: 801-863-5196

Mailstop: 299

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At Utah Valley University, I'm a Professor of Biology and the Director of Capitol Reef Field Station. I received my PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison and taught at California State University, Stanislaus before coming to UVU. I teach and conduct research in two areas: plant ecology and science education. As a plant ecologist, I study how plants interact with their environment including herbivores, soil nutrients and water, boulders, and fire. I'm especially interested in how such interactions affect the expression of plant traits and patterns of plant growth and distribution. My research has focused on native trees and shrubs such as quaking aspen, netleaf hackberry, and Alaska paper birch; invasive species such as tree-of-heaven and myrtle spurge; and most recently on endangered species including Holmgren's milkvetch, dwarf bear-poppy, and clay phacelia. As a science educator, I study field-station partnerships between universities and national parks and the roles that Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES) play in higher education.

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