Anthony Ciccone

Faculty Member

Anthony Ciccone


I am an Assistant professor of exercise science with expertise in the area of neuromuscular fatigue and research methods. I have a PhD in Exercise science and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. My main research interest is in the area of applied fatigue. Current projects include: 1) using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to investigate potential physiologic mechanisms of non-local fatigue, 2) comparing the sensitivity of different jumps to monitor fatigue in athletes, 3) analyzing the performance and cognitive effects of caffeine in eSports, 4) Combine predictors of shooting performance in National Basketball Association players, 5) Performance monitoring in collegiate women's soccer athletes. Outside of the lab, you can spot me mountain biking, snowboarding, or playing hockey.


EXSC 4650

Applied Sports Science, Spring 2024

EXSC 4550

Principles of Strength and Conditioning, Spring 2024

EXSC 4300

Research Methods in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation WE, Spring 2024

EXSC 3400

Statistical Analysis in Exercise Science, Spring 2024


Larsen, Kyle (Presenter & Author), Fukuda, David (Author Only), Ciccone, Anthony , Barcellos Dias Clark, Nicolas (Leader), 2021 Soutwest American College of Sports Medicine, "Analysis of Comparative Enjoyment Following High to Moderate Intensity Upper Body Cycling and Lower Body Cycling in Lean and Obese", Costa Mesa, California. (October, 2021)
Wilson, Kristine R (Presenter & Author), Ciccone, Anthony (Leader), Southwest American College of Sports Medicine, "Combine Anthropometric and Physical Performance Predictors of Professional Basketball Rookie Free Throw Accuracy", Costa Mesa, California. (October, 2021)

Scholarly/Creative Works

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Ciccone, Anthony , Fry, Andrew C., Emerson, Dawn M., Gallagher, Philip M., Herda, Trent J., Weir, Joseph P., (2021) "Effects of Transspinal Direct Current Stimulation on Cycling Perception of Effort and Time to Exhaustion" (Issue: 2, vol. 35). JOURNAL OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING RESEARCH.