Janice Sugiyama

Janice Sugiyama

Director - Biotechnology NPCRO

Office: SB-169

Phone: 801-863-5318

Mailstop: 299

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Education and Training:
Post-doctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health, NIH; and University of California, San Francisco
Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology, Boston University
M.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, Boston University
B.A., Microbiology and Immunology, University of California, Berkeley

Utah Valley University, Orem, UT
Myriad Genetics, Salt Lake City, UT
Hexos, Bothell, WA

I am the director of InnovaBio, a biotechnology internship program at UVU. Prior to working at UVU, I worked in the Alzheimer's Target Identification group at Myriad Genetics.

Students who work in my laboratory gain research experience and receive internship credit. My laboratory consists of both contracted projects and basic research. Past contracted projects include making reagents (cDNA clones and purified proteins) necessary to develop a biochemical assay for screening small molecule compounds as therapeutics for neuroprotection and Down's Syndrome; creating a stable isogenic mammalian platform cell line using the Jump-In targeting technology for use in in vivo cancer screening; and identifying blood meal species in approximately 1000 blooded mosquitoes using nested PCR in collaboration with Utah County Mosquito Abatement and Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement. I am currently collaborating with Dr. Lee Cohnstaedt, Molecular Entomologist at USDA, in Manhattan, Kansas to study whether zoo animals are at risk for mosquito-borne diseases.

My research interests are in studying the physiological function of the amyloid precursor protein. It has both good and bad functions: in its diseased state, it is thought to initiate Alzheimer's disease, but its normal function may be to protect neurons.

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