Dr. Elena Garcia

Faculty Member

Dr. Elena Garcia


I arrived in Utah and at UVU in fall 2013. I am a transplant from Michigan, where I earned my BA and MA in English Education from Western Michigan University and my Ph.D. from Michigan State University. Since I was an undergrad, I have focused on the teaching of writing; here at UVU I run Writing Pedagogy Workshops (organized through OTL), which is part of my work as Faculty Director of the Writing Center. Additionally, I teach ENGH 0890 and ENGH 1005. My research focuses on the teaching of writing, writing center studies, and workplace writing with a focus on writing in factories.


Ph D, Michigan State University, 2013

Major: Rhetoric and Writing

MA, Western Michigan University, 2008

Major: Master of Arts in Teaching English

BA, Western Michigan University, 2005

Major: English for Secondary Education


ENGH 1005

Literacies and Composition Across Contexts CC, Spring 2021


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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