Carl Hjelmen

Faculty Member

Dr. Carl Hjelmen


I joined the Department of Biology at UVU in 2021. While originally from a small town in South Dakota, I spent 8 years in Texas at Texas A&M University completing my PhD and two postdoctoral research positions. In my first postdoctoral position with Dr. Aaron Tarone, I investigated miRNA and protein makers of immature development in forensically relevant flies. In my second postdoctoral position with Dr. Heath Blackmon, I continued to investigate genome size evolution in insects, as well as whole genome sequencing of a variety of insect species. I received my PhD in Entomology in 2017 at Texas A&M University with J. Spencer Johnston investigating genome size evolution in Drosophila species utilizing comparative phylogenetic methods.

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Ph D, Texas A&M University, 2017

Major: Entomology

BA, Augustana College, 2013

Major: Biology


BIOL 3500

Genetics, Fall 2022

BIOL 4400

Genomics, Fall 2022

BIOL 1011

Introduction to Bioinformatics BB, Fall 2022


Student Research, Fall 2022


Student Seminar WE, Fall 2022

BIOL 3500

Genetics, Summer 2022

BIOL 3500

Genetics, Spring 2022

BIOL 1011

Introduction to Bioinformatics BB, Spring 2022

BIOL 1011

Introduction to Bioinformatics BB, Spring 2022


Student Research, Spring 2022


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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