Frederick White

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Dr. Frederick White


Dr. Frederick H. White is Professor of Russian and Integrated Studies at Utah Valley University. He has published six books and more than thirty academic articles on Russian literature, film and culture. He is one of the leading specialists on the writer Leonid Andreev and has published in the areas of Russian Modernism, psychiatry and literature in the Russian fin de siècle, the economics of culture and post-Soviet cinema, with a specific interest in the filmmaker Aleksei Balabanov.


Ph D, University of Southern California, 2002

Major: Slavic

MA, University of Kansas, 1994

Major: Slavic

BA, The Ohio State University, 1992

Major: Russian


RUS 416G

Contemporary Russian Cinema GI, Spring 2024


Special Topics in Languages, Spring 2024

RUS 490R

Special Topics in Russian Studies, Spring 2024

NSS 3350

The Cold War--Culture and Politics, Spring 2024

IS 350R

Topics in Integrated Studies, Spring 2024


White, Frederick (Author Only), ASEEES, "Temple Drake in the Soviet Union", San Antonio, TX. (November, 2014)
White, Frederick (Author Only), Rossiia i Velikobritaniia_ Vstrechnoe dvizhenie. Ekonomika, politika, kul’tura, "TARZAN: British Lord, American movie idol and Soviet counterculture figure", Higher School of Economics, Nizhnii Novgorod, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia. (May, 2014)
White, Frederick (Author Only), Metakomparativistika v kontekste gumanitarnogo znaniia_ mezhdistsiplinarnye s, "Visual Marketing and the Early Leonid Andreev", Higher School of Economics, Nizhnii Novgorod, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia. (December, 2013)
White, Frederick (Author Only), Internatsionalizatsiia kachestvennogo obrazovaniia i nauki. Problemy iazykovoi politiki i iazykovogo planirovaniia_ «Dve storony medali», "Language politics in the USA_ New challenges and solutions", Educational and Industrial Forum, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia. (September, 2013)
White, Frederick (Author Only), Adaptation: Russian Text into Film, "A Slap in the Face of American Cinematic Taste", The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. (May, 2013)
White, Frederick (Presenter Only), Global Sptolight_ Eurasia, "Contemporary Russia", International Center, UVU, Orem, Utah. (April, 2013)

Scholarly/Creative Works

White, Frederick , Ioffe, Dennis , "The Danger of Decadence and Degeneration" . Russian Literature (Elsevier Science BV).
White, Frederick , (2014) "Degeneration, Decadence and Disease in fin de siecle Russia. Neurasthenia in the Life and Work of Leonid Andreev" . Manchester University Press.
White, Frederick , Burry, Alexander , "Border Crossings_ Russian Literature into Film" .
White, Frederick , Ioffe, Dennis , (2014) "“Taxi Blues_ The Anxiety of Soviet Masculinity" (Issue: 3, vol. 44). Journal of European Studies.
White, Frederick , (2014) "Interviews with Vsevolod Benigsen and Andrei Bogatyrev about Judas (2013)" (Issue: 43). Kinokultura.
White, Frederick , (2014) "“Andrei Bogatyrev_ Judas by Frederick H. White.” " (Issue: 43). Kinokultura.


Fulbright Scholar Award

September 1, 2013

Russia Through Western Eyes_ Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication to Increase Global Perspectives At the Higher School of Economics -- Nizhnii Novgorod