Hilary Hungerford

Faculty Member

Dr. Hilary Hungerford



I am a human geographer specializing in human-environment interactions. I work on sustainability issues, both in West Africa and in Utah. If you are interested in how humans impact and are impacted by their environments, come talk to me!

Classes I teach at UVU:
GEOG 1000: Intro to Physical Geography
GEOG 130G: Survey of World Regions
GEOG 1400: Human Geography
GEOG 1600: Geography of Utah
GEOG 2000: Sustainability and Environment
GEOG 3110: Urban Geography


Ph D, University of Kansas, 2012

Major: Geography

MA, University of Kansas, 2007

Major: Geography

BA, University of Northern Colorado, 2001

Major: Geography


GEOG 3000

Climate Change in Science and Society, Fall 2023

GEO 480R

Earth Science Seminar, Fall 2023

GEOG 3200

Geography of Utah, Fall 2023


Survey of World Geography GI SS, Fall 2023

GEOG 3200

Geography of Utah, Summer 2023


Introduction to Human Geography SS GI, Spring 2023


Student Research in Geography, Spring 2023

GEOG 3110

Urban Geography WE, Spring 2023


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Hungerford, Hilary (Presenter & Author), Wilson, Kiona (Presenter & Author), Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, "Such a gross lake: an urban political ecology of the biggest lake you’ve never heard of, Utah Lake.", Denver, CO. (March 24, 2023)
Blevins, Maria , McKasy, Meaghan , Stevens, Michael T. , Hernandez, Leandra , Hungerford, Hilary , International Association for Society & Natural Resources., "How many people are too many? A mixed-methods assessment of visitor perceptions at Capitol Reef National Park. ", Costa Rica. (June, 2022)
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Hungerford, Hilary , American Association of Geographers annual meeting, "Using public, on-campus art in general education classes_ the case of Roots of Knowledge". ()

Scholarly/Creative Works

Smiley , Sarah , Adams, Ellis , Agbemor, Benjamin , Hungerford, Hilary , (2023) "Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Interventions for COVID-19 and the Health of Vulnerable Populations in Sub-Saharan Africa." . Springer International Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-37565-1_8
Hungerford, Hilary , Subulwa, Angela G., Chakravarty, Debjani , (2022) "The Insta-Gaze: investigating the endurance of stereotypes of Africa" . SOCIAL & CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY.
Hungerford, Hilary , Thackeray, Susan L, Smith, Anna-Lise , (2021) "Using Public, On-Campus Art in Teaching and Creating Community in Introductory Geography Courses" (Issue: 2, vol. 18). The Geography Teacher.
Cantrell, Randall , Yaye, Moussa , Hungerford, Hilary , Forthun, Larry , Irani, Tracy , Cantrell, Vance , (2021) "Young migrants’ views of their present and future in Niamey and Niger" (Issue: 6, vol. 1). SN Social Sciences.
Hungerford, Hilary , Enz, Molly Krueger, (2021) "Place-Based Interdisciplinary Study Abroad in Senegal_ Geography, Global Studies, and Francophone Studies" (Issue: 3-4, vol. 18). The Geography Teacher.
Hungerford, Hilary , Smiley, Sarah L, Blair, Taylor , Beutler, Samantha , Bowers, Noel , Cadet, Eddy , (2019) "Coping with Floods in Pikine, Senegal_ An Exploration of Household Impacts and Prevention Efforts" (Issue: 2, vol. 3). Urban Science.


Service Learning Superstar

Office of Engaged Learning, UVU - September, 2022

Global / Intercultural Dean's Award

Utah Valley University Global / Intercultural Initiative - May, 2022

Active Citizen Award

Center for Social Impact, Utah Valley University

Higher Education Academy Fellow

Advance HEA

Board of Trustee Award of Excellence

Utah Valley University

Faculty Excellence Award

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