James Shurtleff

Faculty Member

Dr. Kevin Shurtleff


I've spent most of my career developing technologies that solve real-world problems. I've started five companies based on my inventions, including a hydride hydrogen generator company (Trulite Technology), a PEM fuel cell company (Synexus Energy), an enhanced oil recovery company (Mountain West Energy), and a micromist nutraceutical delivery company (MicromistNOW).

As a professor of Chemistry at Utah Valley University, I'm sharing my passion and experience with students to solve real-world problems. My research students and I have designed, built, and tested several low cost, renewable energy systems, including a balloon lifted wind powered compressed air generator, a solar thermal compressed air generator, and a river powered compress air generator. We've also developed a process to recycle waste motor oil produced by the Aviation Department into a synthetic diesel fuel for use in the utility vehicles on campus, saving money and reducing waste. Currently, I'm focusing all of my research efforts on solving two environmental problems: 1) preventing/ending harmful algal blooms (HABs) on Utah Lake, and 2) decreasing particulate pollution in Utah Valley. Both projects have the potential for global application.

HABs are a serious environmental issue worldwide. My students and I have developed an algae harvesting boat to prevent or end HABs by removing the microalgae from the water to safe levels. Harvesting the microalgae from the water removes the nutrients they contain, reducing the nutrient load of the lake. In addition, the harvested microalgae can be used as a carbon neutral, renewable, biomass fuel, a natural fertilizer, or stored to sequester carbon.


CHEM 3075

Physical Chemistry II Lab, Spring 2022

CHEM 1215

Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory, Spring 2022


Special Topics in Chemistry, Spring 2022


Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, Spring 2022