James Shurtleff

Faculty Member

Dr. Kevin Shurtleff


I've spent most of my career developing technologies that solve real-world problems. I've started five companies based on my inventions, including a hydride hydrogen generator company (Trulite Technology), a PEM fuel cell company (Synexus Energy), an enhanced oil recovery company (Mountain West Energy), and a micromist nutraceutical delivery company (MicromistNOW).

As an associate professor of Chemistry at Utah Valley University, I'm sharing my passion and experience with students to solve real-world problems. My research students and I have designed, built, and tested several low cost, renewable energy systems using wind and river power. We also developed a process to recycle waste motor oil produced by the Aviation Department into a synthetic diesel fuel for use in the utility vehicles on campus. We also designed, built, and tested a low cost solar water purification system to provide clean water to isolated communities. In addition, we've produced graphene films using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition.

Currently, I'm focusing my research efforts on solving several problems: 1) preventing/ending harmful algal blooms (HABs) on Utah Lake using the UVU algae harvesting boat developed and built at UVU, 2) developing low cost, large-scale, advanced alkaline hydrogen fuel cells for zero-emission long-haul trucks, trains, and ships, 3) producing large sheets of single-crystal graphene super material, and 4) designing a hybrid DT fusion fission microreactor that will "burn-up" nuclear waste and generate electricity.


CHEM 1115

Elementary Chemistry Laboratory, Spring 2023

CHEM 3075

Physical Chemistry II Lab, Spring 2023

CHEM 1210

Principles of Chemistry I PP, Spring 2023


Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, Spring 2023


Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, Spring 2023


Nielsen, Kim , Wang, Weihong , Shurtleff, Kevin , Array, "Efficient Energy and Sustainable Designs for Tiny Homes", 1st international Academic Conference on the Sustainable Development Goals- “Why it Matters”?, Utah Valley University . (October 5, 2022)