Rasha Qudisat

Rasha Qudisat

Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Office: HF-115

Phone: 801-863-4938

Mailstop: 184

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Dr. Rasha Qudisat is the Chief of Inclusion and Diversity Officer at UVU, External Evaluator for the National Science Foundation Projects at UVU, External Reviewer for the National Science Foundation for other institutions, and Evaluation and Measurement Consultant. In 2016, She served as the director of Engaged Curriculum, and in 2017, as the director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Work at UVU.

After receiving her MSc in Civil engineering, Dr. Qudisat gained extensive experience in strategic planning and evaluation by working internationally with the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Social Development. Through this service, she also worked as an external evaluator for the World Bank, European Union, USAID, and UNDP, to evaluate and develop projects for the local communities in Jordan. She is a scholarship recipient of the International Program of Development Evaluation from the World Bank and Carleton University, Canada. In addition, Dr. Qudisat received her Certificate of International Leadership from the Department of State in 2012.

With her Ph.D. In Education, Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation from Brigham Young University in 2012, Dr. Qudisat developed a passion for interdisciplinary educational projects and impact evaluations. She is a co-inventor of the SEGO, the In-class engagement instrument that measures classroom academic and community engagement.