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Wayne Whaley


I am a Professor of Biology. My background is in vertebrate zoology. My specialty is in studying the mechanisms and processes of evolution, mainly using as my study subjects birds and butterflies. I am field oriented in my research - not laboratory oriented. Many students over the past many years have been involved with my field studies. If you are interested in birds or butterflies I invite you to contact me about the possibility of being involved in my field studies.

My Masters Degree is in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Arizona.
My Ph.D. is in Vertebrate Zoology from Brigham Young University.

I teach College Biology I (BIOL 1610).
I teach Animal Behavior (ZOOL 4000).
I teach Ornithology (ZOOL 4600).


Ph D, Brigham Young University, 1988

Major: Zoology

MS, University of Arizona, 1979

Major: Wildlife Ecology

BS, Brigham Young University, 1975

Major: Zoology

A.A., Ricks College, 1973

Major: Biology


ZOOL 4000

Animal Behavior, Spring 2023

BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2023

BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2023


Student Research, Spring 2023


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Whaley, Wayne , Costa Rican Nature, "Array", Bean Museum, BYU. (December 13, 2008)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Whaley, Wayne , "Array" . Bt corn/monarch butterfly impact study out of Iowa State University .
Whaley, Wayne , "A new race of Papilio indra from the Great Basin of Utah" . Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society.
Whaley, Wayne , Beauchamp, P.S. , Dev, V. , Tran, H.D. , "Analysis of essential oils of Lomatium marginatum (Benth.) Coult. & Rose var. purpureum Jepson. Isolation of (Z)-β-lomatene, a new sesquiterpene hydrocarbon. J. Essential Oil Research" (Issue: 5). California Lomatiums.
Whaley, Wayne , "BLM study involving Rectriction Fragment Length Polymorphism in Northern Goshawk and Queen Charlottes Islands Goshawks" . Sandy Lumas – Call Clayton White to get complete title.
Whaley, Wayne , Dev, V. , Bailey, S.R. , Chea, E. , Dimaano, J. , Jogani, D. , Ly., B. , Eggett, D. , "Essential oil composition of nine Apiaceae species from western United States that attract the female Indra Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio indra)" . Biochemical Systematics and Ecology.
Whaley, Wayne , "Geographic variation in Papilio indra minori" . Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society.


Academic Scholarship

Brigham Young University


Academic Scholarship

Ricks College


American Ornithologists’ Union

ASBYU Research Award

Fall & Winter Semester 1982-1983

Association of Field Ornithologists

Cooper Ornithological Society