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John Dulin


John Dulin received his PhD in Sociocultural from the University of California, San Diego in 2016. Between 2016 and 2018 he conducted research as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University. His research interests include the study of human values, symbolic and semiotic anthropology, interreligious relations, and religious experience, with a geographic focus on North America, Ethiopia, and Ghana. As an Assistant Professor of anthropology at UVU, he teaches classes on the anthropology of religion, ethnographic methods, and contemporary anthropological theory.


Forthcoming. Charismatic Christianity's Hard Cultural Forms and the Local Patterning of the Divine Voice in Ghana. American Anthropologist.

Forthcoming. Value-Dense Indexes and the Escalation of a Muslim-Christian Conflict. History and Anthropology.

2020. Introduction: Religion, Secrecy, and the Ethics of Discernment. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology (co-authored with Simon Coleman). Early online publication.

2020. `My Fast is better than your Fast?: Concealing Interreligious Evaluations and Discerning Respectful Others in Gondar, Ethiopia. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology. Early online publication.

2020. Vulnerable Minds, Bodily-Thoughts, and Sensory Spirits: Cultural Theory of Mind and Spiritual Experience in Ghana. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. 26(S1): 61-76.

2017. Transvaluing ISIS in Orthodox Christian-Majority Ethiopia: On the Inhibition of Group Violence. Current Anthropology. 58(6): 785-804.

2015. Reversing Rupture: Evangelicals' Practice of Jewish Rituals and Processes of Protestant Inclusion. Anthropological Quarterly. 88(3): 601-634.

2013. Messianic Judaism as a mode of Christian Authenticity: Exploring the Grammar of Authenticity through Ethnography of Contested Identity. Anthropos 108: 35-51.


ANTH 3850

Ethnographic Methods WE, Spring 2024

ANTH 3480

Global Christianity, Spring 2024


Social Cultural Anthropology SS GI, Spring 2024


Social Cultural Anthropology SS GI, Spring 2024


Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), Short Seminar_ Mind and Spirit Project, "Christianities Case Study_ Ghana", Society for Advanced Research , Santa Fe, New Mexico. (March 1, 2023)
Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), Towards an Anthropology of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, "How Patterns of Orthodox Christian Practice shape inter-religious relations in Gondar", University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom. (July 7, 2022)
Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), Anthropology, AI, and the Future of Human Societies, "On Digital Resources and Processing Resources in Digital Space", Royal Anthropological Institute, Virtual Conference . (June 8, 2022)
Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), Asilomar Mind and Spirit Workshop, "Porosity Scale", Stanford University, Asilomor, CA. (November 15, 2021)
Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), Society for the Society for Psychology Anthropology Conference , "Lessons from a Mixed Methods Approach to the Anthropology of Mind", Society for Psychological Anthropology. , Virtual . (April 8, 2021)
Dulin, John (Presenter & Author), JRAI Special Issue Online Launch, Mind and Spirit_ A Comparative Theory, "Mind and Spirit in Ghana", Royal Anthropological Institute, London . (May 29, 2020)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Dulin, John , " Comparative Christianity_ Urban Ghana Chapter" .
Dulin, John , "Are Pentecostals and Salafis the Same?: How Orthodox and Sufi Mediation Practices Shape Responses to Reformism in Gondar, Ethiopia. " . Journal of Northeast African Studies.
Luhrmann , Tanya , Dulin, John , Array, Vivian Dzokoto, "The Shaman and Schizophrenia Revisited " . Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry.
Coleman, Simon , Dulin, John , (2022) "Secrecy, Religion and the Ethics of Discernment" (Issue: 3, vol. 87). Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology .
Coleman, Simon , Dulin, John , (2022) "Secrecy, Religion, and the Ethics of Discernment" (Issue: 3, vol. 87). Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology.
Dulin, John , (2022) "Virtual Reality as a Proxy for Participant Observation in Introduction to Socio cultural Anthropology." (Issue: 2, vol. 11). Teaching Anthropology .


Higher Education Academy Fellowship

The Higher Education Academy - May, 2023

I received the higher education academy fellowship in the Spring of 2023. I've included the certificate and acceptance letter under supporting documents. This is an example of a significant teaching practice according to RTP criteria.

Top Cited Article 2020-2021

Wiley - March 31, 2022

My article "Vulnerable Minds, Bodily Thoughts, and Sensory Spirits_ Local Theory of Mind and Spiritual Experience in Ghana" was recognized by Wiley publishing as a top-cited article in 2020/2021.