Amir Kia

Amir Kia


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After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Economics from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, Dr. Amir Kia joined the Bank of Canada (the central bank of Canada) where he held several positions within the Securities/Financial Markets Department.

In 1999, he decided to pursue a full-time academic career. He was first a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Emory University, in the USA. Then he held the position of Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Carleton University, Canada. He is now a Full Professor with the Finance and Economics Department in Utah Valley University in Utah, USA.

Over the years, Dr. Kia has received numerous Teaching Excellence Awards and multiple nominations. He was recognized the scholar of the year in 2009 and, the same year, he was awarded the Wallace R. Woodbury Professorship in Economics.

His teaching interests include macroeconomics, monetary economics, financial economics, money and banking as well as international trade and finance.

Dr. Kia's research work has been published in many peer-reviewed academic journals. For example, during the last 10 years he has published in more than 20 internationally academic journals, including North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Global Economy Journal, International Journal of Business, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, Journal of Macroeconomics, Applied Financial Economics, Global Finance Journal, Applied Economics, International Journal of Economic Perspectives and International Journal of Business.

His areas of research include macroeconomics, monetary economics, financial economics, international finance and profit-risk-sharing banking.

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