Bruce Wilson

Faculty Member

Professor Bruce Wilson


Ph.D. Texas A&M 1998 Bioinorganic Chemistry (transition-metal enzymology)
M.S. BYU Analytical Chemistry (X-ray crystallography)

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, South Dakota State University, 1998-2001
Assistant/Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, UVU, 2001-

Member, History of Science Society
Member, Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry

Current interests:
Origin of alchemy, Alexandrian alchemy.
The transfer of Arabic alchemy to Europe in the Toledo College of the Translators.
The subduction of alchemy between Robert Boyle and Antoine Lavoisier.


Ph D, Texas A&M University, 1998

Major: Inorganic Chemistry


HONR 2100

Modern Legacies, Spring 2023

CHEM 1210

Principles of Chemistry I PP, Spring 2023

CHEM 1225

Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory, Spring 2023


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Wilson, Bruce (Presenter & Author), ACS Chemistry Week Presentation, "The Metals at Ytterby_ How a trade War Led to the Greatest Cache of New Elements", Central Utah Section, American Chemical Society , UVU Campus. (October 24, 2019)
Wilson, Bruce , UVU Chemistry Seminar, "The Mine at Ytterby", UVU Chemistry Department, UVU Campus. (September 14, 2012)
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Wilson, Bruce (Presenter & Author), UVU Chemistry Seminar, "The X-ray Crystallographic Phase Problem", Department of Chemistry, UVU, Orem, Utah. (January 21, 2010)

Scholarly/Creative Works

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