Armen Ilikchyan

Faculty Member

Dr. Armen Ilikchyan


My professional interests lie in the field of technology assessment and innovation management. I believe technology can bring significant positive changes to society but it is important to evaluate the potential consequences of new technologies before they are deployed. I am particularly interested in studying the impact of technology on society and the environment, as well as the economic and business aspects of technology. I am also interested in examining the technical feasibility and reliability of new technologies, the legal and regulatory implications of technology, and ethical considerations surrounding technology.


Ph D, Indiana State University, 2015

Major: Technology Management

Master of Industrial Technology, Bowling Green State University, 2009

Major: Manufacturing Technologies

BS equivalent , Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology, 2001

Major: Mechanical Engineering


TECH 6000

Management of Technological Innovation, Summer 2024

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Summer 2024

TECH 3010

Creative Problem Solving, Spring 2024

TECH 3400

Project Management WE, Spring 2024

TECH 3400

Project Management WE, Spring 2024

TECH 3850

Quality Management in Technology, Spring 2024


Undergraduate Research in Technology Management, Spring 2024

TECH 1010

Understanding Technology PP, Spring 2024


Ilikchyan, Armen (Co-Presenter), Alsharif, Ahmed (Co-Presenter), 2023 ATMAE Annual Conference, "AI-Enhanced Learning_ Analysis of Technical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for Instructional Content Generation", Atlanta, GA. (October 26, 2023)
Alsharif, Ahmed , Ilikchyan, Armen , Artificial Intelligence Pre-Conference - UVU Spring 2023. , "Revolutionizing OER Creation with GPT-3's Advanced Language Processing Abilities", UVU, Orem, UT. (March 31, 2023)
Ilikchyan, Armen , UVU 2023 Teaching, Learning Symposium, "Hands-on with AI tools", Orem, UT. (March, 2023)
Ilikchyan, Armen , Wong, Cynthia , 2018 ATMAE Conference, "Using Design Thinking to Capture the Heart of the Customer.", Kansas City, MO. (November, 2018)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Laricheva, Elena , Ilikchyan, Armen , (2023) "Exploring the Effect of Virtual Reality on Learning in General Chemistry Students with Low Visual-Spatial Skills" . Journal of Chemical Education.