Dr. Maritza Sotomayor

Faculty Member

Dr. Maritza Sotomayor


Doctor in Economics for the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Field of research_ Latin American economics. Teaching areas_ Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics and Economic Development. Married, one child.



International Economics GI, Spring 2021

ECON 2010

Principles of Economics I SS, Spring 2021

ECON 2020

Principles of Economics II SS, Spring 2021

ECON 4960

Senior Seminar Current Economic Issues, Spring 2021


Sotomayor, Maritza , SASE 2020 Virtual Conference –Development Today Accumulation, Surveillance and Redistribution, "Alternativas al PIB_ hemos llegado a algun consenso?", SASE, Online. (July 21, 2020)
Sotomayor, Maritza , PUCP Teaching and Cafe Workshop, "Online Learning at Utah Valley University", School Management Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Virtual. (May 21, 2020)
Valente, Summer (Presenter & Author), Sotomayor, Maritza (Presenter Only), FOI: Socioeconomic Status, "FOI: Socioeconomic Status", UVU- Office of Inclusion, Orem. (November 18, 2019)
Sotomayor, Maritza , IV Latin American Studies Minor Conference, "Returns of education_ Hispanics/latinos in the labor force", LAS minor, Orem. (November 6, 2019)
Sotomayor, Maritza , Concurrent Enrollment Annual Meeting, "Economics as a Profession", Utah Valley University, Orem. (November 4, 2019)
Sotomayor, Maritza (Presenter & Author), Ulloa, Sara (Presenter & Author), Foundations of Inclusion_ Global International, "FOI: Global and International", Office of Inclusion - UVU, Orem. (October 21, 2019)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Sotomayor, Maritza , Cordova, Miguel , "Rethinking Global Value Chains (GVCs) in Latin America under COVID 19_ Upgrade or seek regional GVCs?" . Seoul: Journal of Economics Integration.
Sotomayor, Maritza , Aristondo, Jhana , "Does tourism foster human development? ADRL cointegration analysis for Utah" . West Texas: Southwestern Economic Review.
Sotomayor, Maritza , Barajas-Escamilla, Maria del Rosio , (2020) "Global Manufacturing Production_ An Analysis and Determinants for Mexico's Trade in Value-Added" (Issue: 2, vol. 17). Lousina: Journal of International Applied Economics. https://www2.southeastern.edu/orgs/ijae/index_files/IJAE%20SEPT%202020%20SOTOMAYER%2012-6-2020.pdf
Kia, Amir , Sotomayor, Maritza , (2020) "Determinants of Inflation in Egypt and Mexico_ Empirical Evidence" (Issue: 1, vol. 22). EBR Kardeljeva pl. 17 SI-1000 Ljubljana: Economics and Business Review. http://ojs.ebrjournal.net/ojs/index.php/ebr/article/view/747
Chan, Leo , Sotomayor, Maritza , Lien, Dan , (2019) "Impacts of the Contributions of FDI and Remittances on the Economic Growth in Asia and Latin America_ A Comparative Study" (Issue: 3, vol. 14). Shanghai: Frontier of Economics in China. http://journal.hep.com.cn/fec/EN/10.3868/s060–008–019–0017–6
Arendt, Anne , Kopp, Olga , Sotomayor, Maritza , Tolman, Anton , (2017) "Scholarly and Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team (SCULPT): Triple Areas of Focus" . News Forum Press: It Works for Me with High Impact Practices. Step by Step Guide.


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