Dr. Weihong Wang

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Dr. Weihong Wang


Welcome to my page! Currently I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth Science. My interests include anthropogenic impact on aquatic and wetland ecosystems (carbon dynamics, nutrient loading, etc) using geochemical proxies (stable isotopes) and geospatial analysis techniques (GIS-remote sensing). In addition, I am also interested in renewable energy and sustainability.

I enjoy teaching very much. Here are the courses I teach at UVU.
GEO 1010_ Introduction to Geology
GEO 1080_ Introduction to Oceanography
GEOG 1000_ Introduction to Geography
GEOG 3600_ Introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS)
GEOG 3650_ Advanced GIS
GEOG 3700_Wetland Studies
GEOG 3705_ Wetland Studies Laboratory
ENVT/CHEM 3800_ Energy on Earth


Ph D, University of South Carolina, 2008

Major: Marine Science

MS, Iowa State University, 2004

Major: Geology

MS, Jianghan Petroleum University, 2000

Major: Environmental Geology

BS, Jianghan Petroleum University, 1997

Major: Geophysics


GEOG 3600

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, Fall 2021

GEOG 3700

Wetland Studies, Fall 2021

GEOG 3705

Wetland Studies Laboratory, Fall 2021

GEOG 1000

Introduction to Physical Geography PP, Summer 2021

GEO 480R

Earth Science Seminar, Spring 2021

GEO 1010

Introduction to Geology PP, Spring 2021


Special Projects in Environmental Management, Spring 2021


Special Projects in Environmental Management, Spring 2021


Wang, Weihong (Coordinator/Organizer), 1st Annual Utah Lake Symposium, "Opening and Closing Remarks", Utah Valley University. (August, 2021)
Wang, Weihong , Department of Geosciences, "Building a Nutrient Mass Balance Model for Utah Lake ", Utah State University. (April, 2021)
Wang, Weihong , UVU Chemistry Earth Day Event, "Investigating Nutrient Sources to Utah Lake", Utah Valley University. (April, 2021)
Wang, Weihong (Panelist), Environmental Symposium, "Why diversity maters? ", Utah Valley University. (October, 2020)
Wang, Weihong , Provost's COVID 19 Seminar Series, "Nutrient Loading to Utah Lake", Utah Valley University. (October, 2020)
Wang, Weihong (Panelist), 30th Annual David Keller Environmental Ethics Symposium Science Panel, "Utah Air Quality ", Utah Valley University. (April, 2019)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Wang, Weihong , "Investigating Temporal and Spatial Variations of Nutrient and Trace Metal Loading to Utah Lake" . HydroShare. https://doi.org/10.4211/hs.31e28db004f74d5788cfaf364c142e3f
Wang, Weihong , "Watershed analysis in an arid area_ Changes in Utah Lake shoreline (1953-2019) and land use within the Lake’s watershed (1985-2019)" .
Abbott, Ben , Wang, Weihong , (2021) "About Utah Lake" . https://pws.byu.edu/utah-lake/about-utah-lake
Zanazzi, Alessandro , Wang, Weihong , (2020) "Stable Isotope Hydrology of Utah Lake (Utah, USA)" . Hydrology. doi:10.3390/hydrology7040088
Cadet, Eddy , Wang, Weihong , Blevins, Maria , Hungerford, Hilary , Westover, Jonathan , (2019) "GP-UP: Undergraduate Preparation through Multidisciplinary Service Learning at Utah Lake (UP--Utah Lake) Funding Program_ National Science Foundation, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education_ Geopaths (IUSE-Geopaths) Program Solicitation_ NSF 20-516 " .
Walther, Suzanne , Wang, Weihong , (2017) "Investigating Anthropogenic Impacts on the Utah Lake-Jordan River Transition Zone Using a Multi-proxy Approach" . HdroShare. https://www.hydroshare.org/resource/56590ef7ad844ba1a449cfbe94a93d26/


Flexible Teaching Award - 3rd Place Best Online Delivery

Presidential Faculty Award

Utah Valley University

Faculty Senate Excellence Award

Fellowship of Higher Education Academy