Suzy Cox

Suzy Cox

Associate Professor - Secondary Education

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Dr. Cox is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Utah Valley University, where she works to help prospective junior high and high school faculty better understand the psychological landscape of their students in order to improve classroom climates and instruction. She has taught courses on educational technology and adolescent psychology for nearly two decades. She is the co-coordinator for the UVU Creative Learning Studio, which promotes STEM equity through teacher training and classroom modeling, with a particular focus on robotics and Computer Science. She also helps design and teach computer science courses at Provo High School. Her current research focuses on digital equity and the use of culturally relevant pedagogy to promote STEM and Computer Science interest among marginalized students, particularly through the integration of robotics and other programmable devices. Dr. Cox believes that technology has tremendous power to improve teaching and learning and to empower students to take more ownership of their education.

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