I'm currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Utah Valley University. I received my PhD in structural biology from Marquette University where I studied a bacterial metabolic enzyme called pyruvate carboxylase. At UVU, I primarily teach introductory biology to biology majors. I also do research in biology education, which is great because my research can help inform my teaching and vice versa. My main research interests are in gendered dynamics in the classroom and student endorsement of science ideas like biological sex as a spectrum, race as a social construct (not biological), and the safety of GMOs/vaccines.

I still don't define myself as a scientist, which is weird. I do all the things a scientist does, but I feel like the word "scientist" is so strongly linked to certain stereotypes that I don't see myself within that identity. If I can't see myself as a scientist, how can I expect my students to see themselves as scientist? This concept is fascinating to me and I'd like to explore it more.

When I am not teaching or doing research, the remainder of my time is spent with Josh (also a professor in the biology department) , Aria (4 years old), and Alba (6 years old). We enjoy hiking, the zoo, museums, and all sorts of fun kid activities. My self-care time is spent working out, reading sci fi books, and listening to podcasts/audiobooks.



Biology Colloquium, Spring 2024

BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2024

BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2024

MICR 2060

Microbiology for Health Professions BB, Spring 2024


Student Research, Spring 2024