Calvin Bond

Faculty Member

Calvin Bond


I'm an Analytical/Environmental Chemist with interests in trace metal chemistry and the movement of organics and trace metals in the environment.


Ph D, University of Maryland, 1996

Major: Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

BS, University of Maryland, 1987

Major: Chemistry


CHEM 4005

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, Spring 2023

CHEM 4000

Instrumental Analysis WE, Spring 2023

CHEM 1215

Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory, Spring 2023

CHEM 1220

Principles of Chemistry II PP, Spring 2023


Rocks, Sally , Bond, Calvin , 26th Biennial Conference on Chemical (Cancelled due to pandemic), "Applying CUREs in an upper-division instrumental analysis lab". ()
Bond, Calvin , Helz, G.R. , Mignerey, A.C. , 209th ACS National Meeting, Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Symposium- Advances in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, "The Use of Groundwater Tracers, including 36Cl, 18O, and 2H, in the Study of the Magothy Aquifer, Maryland", Anaheim, CA . ()
Bond, Calvin , Purdy, C.B. , Mignerey, A.C. , Helz, G.R. , 203rd ACS National Meeting, Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Symposium- Accelerator Mass Spectrometry_ Applications of Rare Isotopes as Tracers in Science and Technology, "A 36Cl and Chloride Comparative Study of the Aquia and Magothy Aquifers, Maryland", San Franciso, CA. ()

Scholarly/Creative Works

Bond, Calvin , Mingnerey, A.C. , Helz, G.R. , Purdy, C.B. , (1994) "New Ground Water Tracers_ Development and Application to Maryland's Major Coastal Plain Aquifers, State of Maryland Department of Natural Resources," . Chesapeake Bay Research and Monitoring Division, Power Plant Topical Research Program.