Benton Brown

Benton Brown

Assistant Dean - School of Education

Office: ME-116C

Phone: 801-863-8006

Mailstop: 126

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Dr. Benton M. Brown is the Assistant Dean at Utah Valley University's School of Education. He currently leads the engagement activities for all local and global programs and activities within the School of Education (SOE). Along with the dean and associate dean of the SOE, Benton helps to guide and support the strategic direction of the school.

Benton is a former secondary mathematics teacher. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and sociology from the George Washington University, a Master of Science degree in community and economic development from the University of Central Arkansas, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy - K-12 Education from the University of Arkansas. Benton is a certified K-12 teacher in both the US and the UK and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Benton has a wealth of experience in education globally. He regularly works with government agencies and universities in Ghana serving as an international curriculum assessor and an advisor on education curriculum and reform. He previously served as the Head of Initial Teacher Education for Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom. Before serving at Bath Spa, Benton was the Special Project Director for the Office for Education Policy and the founding Executive Director of the Arkansas Teacher Corps (ATC) at the University of Arkansas. Under his leadership, the ATC program received over $2.5 million in funding from external donors.

Benton's work revolves around the belief that every student worldwide should have access to high quality teachers.