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Dr. Anton Tolman


Anton Tolman is a Professor of Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University. He received his degree from the University of Oregon in Clinical Psychology and worked in clinical and forensic practice for many years before joining the academy. He is past Director for the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence at UVU where he led the university's faculty development program for almost seven years. His current research is focused primarily on student and faculty resistance, metacognition, and power dynamics, and he and colleagues recently published Why Students Resist Learning_ A Practical Model for Understanding and Helping Students from Stylus Publishing with the help of 3 colleagues and 7 UVU students who were listed as co-authors. In 2019, he received the award for Best Online Course Design for 2018-2019 and the Dean's Service Award from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Ph D, University of Oregon, 1991

Major: Clinical Psychology

MA, University of Oregon, 1986

Major: Psychology

BA, University of Denver, 1985

Major: Psychology


PSY 2300

Abnormal Psychology, Fall 2023

PSY 3710

Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Fall 2023

PSY 2300

Abnormal Psychology, Spring 2023

PSY 2300

Abnormal Psychology, Spring 2023

PSY 2300

Abnormal Psychology, Spring 2023

PSY 490R

Independent Studies, Spring 2023


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Scholarly/Creative Works

Tolman, Anton , Kremling, J. , "Why Students Resist Active Learning_ Moving Towards Effective Learning Alliances." . Stylus Publishing.
Tolman, Anton , Tolman, Benjamin A., "Students into scholars_ Using metacognitive tools to understand students and help them succeed" .
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DX Stories

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) - July 29, 2022


Utah Valley University - May, 2020

Granted sabbatical for 2020-2021 to complete multiple research/scholarly projects.

Dean's Award for Service

College of Humanities and Social Sciences - April, 2019

Served as Chair of CHSS Assessment Committee in addition to other service for the College and UVU

First Place, Best Online Course Delivery

Office of Teaching and Learniing - April, 2019

Faculty Fellow

Office of Teaching and Learning - August, 2016

Served from August 2016 through June, 2019; served on OTL's Advisory Board, facilitated faculty development programs including Learning Circles, Mentoring Academy (part of SCULPT), etc.

Faculty Showcase for Teaching Excellence

Office of Teaching and Learning - January, 2016