Scott Williams

Faculty Member

Scott Williams


Scott D. Williams is Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation at Utah Valley University. A graduate of Weber State University and the University of Florida, he has been on faculty at UVU since 2007, teaching and conducting research in natural resource planning, ecotourism, sustainability, environmental and social ethics, inclusivity and career development. He also teaches classes in expedition kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking and Leave No Trace. He is a traveler (in a former life) an avid reader and connoisseur of college athletics. He currently lives in his fixer-upper (currently being remodeled) with his amazing and talented wife and two children.


REC 2200

Foundations of Recreation, Fall 2022

REC 3200

Inclusive Recreation, Fall 2022

REC 1580

Kayak Touring, Fall 2022

REC 2700

Leave No Trace Trainer, Fall 2022

REC 4400

Natural Resource and Protected Area Management, Fall 2022

REC 4800

Professional Preparation in Recreation, Fall 2022

REC 481R

Senior Internship, Fall 2022

REC 1535

Backpacking, Summer 2022

REC 481R

Senior Internship, Summer 2022

REC 385G

Ethical Concerns in Recreation GI, Spring 2022

REC 2200

Foundations of Recreation, Spring 2022

REC 1550

Mountain Biking, Spring 2022

REC 481R

Senior Internship, Spring 2022


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