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Dr. Dave McEntire


Dr. David A. McEntire is a professor teaching Emergency Management, Homeland Security and National Security courses in the Emergency Services and Criminal Justice Departments at Utah Valley University.

Dr. McEntire attended the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. While pursuing his degree, he worked for the International and Emergency Services Departments at the American Red Cross in Colorado. His dissertation explored disasters in developing countries and critically examined existing disaster policy recommendations in the mid-1990s.

Prior to his arrival at UVU, Dr. McEntire was a professor at the nation’s first degree program in Emergency Management - the Emergency Administration and Planning Program (EADP) at the University of North Texas. During his tenure at UNT he served as the Coordinator for the undergraduate and PhD programs, as the Associate Dean in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, and as the Director of Summer Session for the university. He has also served as an adjunct for Florida Atlantic University, Jacksonville State University, and California State University Long Beach.

Dr. McEntire’s academic interests include emergency management theory, international disasters, community preparedness, response coordination, and vulnerability reduction. He has received several grants—funded by the Natural Hazards Center, the National Science Foundation, and other sources—that allowed him to conduct research in Peru, the Dominican Republic, Texas, New York, California, Haiti and Utah.

Dr. McEntire is the author or editor of several books including Disaster Response and Recovery (Wiley), Introduction to Homeland Security (Wiley), Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management (Charles C. Thomas), and Comparative Emergency Management (FEMA). He has published more than 115 articles and his research has appeared in multiple encyclopedias, Public Administration Review, the Australian Journal of Emergency Management, Disasters, the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, Journal of Emergency Management, Journal of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Sustainable Communities Review, International Journal of Emergency Management, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Towson Journal of International Affairs, Journal of the American Society of Professional Emergency Planners, and the Journal of International and Public Affairs. His articles in Disaster Prevention and Management received Highly Commended and Outstanding Paper awards.

Dr. McEntire completed an instructor guide on disaster response operations for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He has also published chapters in the Handbook of Disaster Research (Springer), the Handbook of Disaster Management (CRC Press), Emergency Management: Principles and Practices for Local Government (ICMA), Critical Issues in Homeland Security (Westview Press), Handbook of Emergency Response (CRC Press), Preparedness and Response for Catastrophic Events (CRC Press), and Critical Issues in Disaster Science and Management (FEMA).

Dr. McEntire received funding to conduct terrorism-response training for FEMA in Arkansas and Oklahoma. He was a contributing author for a study of Texas Homeland Security Preparedness for the Century Foundation as well as three IQ reports for the International City/County Management Association. McEntire has presented papers internationally (in Hungary, Mexico, and Norway), at the National Science Foundation, at the National Academy of Sciences, at the Disaster Research Center, at the Natural Hazards Center, and at the Higher Education Conference at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

McEntire is a former member of Congressman Burgess’ Homeland Security Advisory Board, FEMA Region VI Advisory Board, ICMA’s Advisory Board, and the Fire Protection Publications Advisory Board. He has reviewed books for several publishers and is on the editorial staff for the Journal of Emergency Management.
Dr. McEntire is the former Dean of the College of Health and Public Service at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. He was responsible for the oversight of numerous undergraduate and graduate courses/programs in the areas of dental hygiene, nursing, public and community health and respiratory therapy. He also worked with other important programs including aviation (professional pilot and aviation management), criminal justice, forensic science/investigation, emergency services, homeland security, national security and public service. During his tenure, a number of new programs were added and enrollment increased dramatically (leading the university in growth percentage over the past 3 years). He helped to bring in over $2.5 million in donations. With these and other appropriated funds he was able build a lab and offices for the Physician Assistant Program and renovate Hangar B, the Crime Scene House, the Dental Hygiene Clinic, the Nursing Lab, and the EMT/Paramedic Lab. He also helped programs acquire 13 new aircraft, 2 aircraft simulators and 3 fire engines.

In 2010, Dr. McEntire was recognized as the Dr. B. Wayne Blanchard Award Recipient for Academic Excellence in Emergency Management Higher Education. He was given the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award (provided by School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida) at the 2018 FEMA Higher Education Conference. He is also recognized as a Senior Fellow for the Higher Education Academy – an international, non-profit organization that promotes teaching excellence.

Contact Information_

David A. McEntire, Ph.D., SFHEA
Utah Valley University


Ph D, University of Denver, 2000
MA, University of Denver, 1995
BA, Brigham Young University, 1991

Major: International Relations/Spanish


ES 1150

Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management SS, Summer 2023

MPS 6040

Organizational Behavior in the Public Services, Summer 2023

INTS 1040

Analytical Process and Product, Spring 2023

INTS 2250

Analytical Process and Product II, Spring 2023

INTS 2090

Automated Intelligence Systems, Spring 2023


Briefing Skills, Spring 2023


Briefing Skills II, Spring 2023

INTS 1240

Cellular Communication Fundamentals, Spring 2023

INTS 2000

Collection Operations, Spring 2023

INTS 2030

Combating Terrorism, Spring 2023

ESMG 3710

Comparative Approaches to Homeland Security, Spring 2023

ESMG 3710

Comparative Approaches to Homeland Security, Spring 2023

INTS 1010

Counterintelligence Investigations, Spring 2023

INTS 1210

Counterintelligence Investigations II, Spring 2023

INTS 2210

Counterintelligence Investigations III, Spring 2023

NSS 475R

Current Topics in National Security, Spring 2023

ESMG 4300

Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation, Spring 2023

ESMG 4300

Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation, Spring 2023

INTS 2020

Force Protection Operations and Support, Spring 2023

INTS 2240

Force Protection Operations and Support II, Spring 2023

INTS 1110

Information Security for Intelligence Operations, Spring 2023

INTS 1030

Intelligence Law and Administration of Justice, Spring 2023

INTS 2230

Intelligence Law and Administration of Justice II, Spring 2023

INTS 1180

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Spring 2023

INTS 2040

Interrogation and Interview Techniques, Spring 2023

INTS 2260

Interrogation and Interviewing Techniques II, Spring 2023

INTS 1050

Interrogation Operations, Spring 2023

ES 1150

Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management SS, Spring 2023

INTS 1000

Introduction to Intelligence Operations Studies, Spring 2023

INTS 2410

Management of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations I, Spring 2023

INTS 2420

Management of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations II, Spring 2023

INTS 1060

Map Reading and Analysis, Spring 2023


Military Decision Making Process, Spring 2023

NSS 4990

National Security Capstone Seminar, Spring 2023

INTS 1200

Records Management, Spring 2023

INTS 1100

Remote Sensing, Spring 2023

INTS 1140

Reporting of Intelligence Data, Spring 2023

INTS 2140

Reporting of Intelligence Data II, Spring 2023

INTS 1020

Security Programs, Spring 2023

INTS 1090

Signal Analysis and Security, Spring 2023

INTS 1080

Signal Theory, Spring 2023

INTS 1170

Symbology, Spring 2023

INTS 1230

Targeting, Spring 2023


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Scholarly/Creative Works

McEntire, David A., (2023) "The Distributed Functions of Emergency Management" . Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.
McEntire, David A., (2023) "Foreword" . Cham: Springer.
McEntire, David A., (2022) "Preface" (Issue: 1, vol. 1). Lago: Il Silent Edizioni.
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McEntire, David A., (2022) "The Impact of Winter Storm Uri on Hospitals_ Overcoming a Disaster Within a Disaster." . Huntsville, TX: Institute for Homeland Security, Sam Houston State University. https://ihsonline.org/research


Graduate Faculty Member

UVU Graduate Studies - October 6, 2022

Appointed as member of UVU graduate faculty.

Wolverine Sighting Award

Utah Valley University (PACE) - August, 2015

Featured in the "Ask an Expert" section

The North Texan (Magazine) - March, 2012

Outstanding Paper Award

Emerald Literati Network - April 15, 2011

Teacher Scholar Award (finalist)

University of North Texas - November 02, 2010

B. Wayne Blanchard Award for Academic Excellence in Emergency Management Higher Education

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - June 09, 2010