Nathan Toke

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Dr. Nathan Toke


I am an Earth scientist that is interested in fundamental and applied questions related to active tectonics, geomorphology, and interactions between tectonics, humans, and landscapes. Active tectonics and geologic hazards are exciting research areas. Equally exciting to me is realizing that today we are living in what could be thought of as the Anthropocene. We humans are now moving earth materials at rates comparable to that of global tectonics! Our imprint on the active landscape of Earth is expanding and we need to make smart decisions leading to societal sustainability. Which is one of many reasons why we need more students to be broadly trained as Earth Scientists (geologists, environmental scientists, geographers, etc.). I am interested in mentoring students on projects related to geomorphology, tectonics, geologic hazards, GIS/remote sensing, and urban geography. Please stop by my office or make an appointment to talk to me more about these issues.


Ph D, Arizona State University , 2011

Major: Geological Sciences

MS, Arizona State University, 2005

Major: Geological Sciences

BS, University of Vermont, 2003

Major: Geology


GEO 3500

Geomorphology WE, Spring 2022

GEOG 3500

Geomorphology WE, Spring 2022

Scholarly/Creative Works

Toke, Nathan , Phillips, J , Langevin, C , Kleber, E , DuRoss, C B, Hiscock, A I, McDonald, G , Wells, J D, Carlson, J K, Horns, Daniel , (2021) "The Traverse Ridge Paleoseismic Site and Ruputres Crossing the Boundary Between the Provo and Salt Lake City Segments of the Wasatch Fault Zone – Utah, USA" (vol. 9). Frontiers in Earth Science.
Scott, C. , Bunds, Michael , Shirzaei, M. , Toke, Nathan , (2020) "Creep along the Central San Andreas Fault from Surface Fractures, Topographic Differencing, and InSAR Imagery" (Issue: 10, vol. 125). Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth.
DuRoss, C B, Bunds, Michael , Gold, R D, Briggs, R W, Reitman, N G, Personius, S F, Toke, Nathan , (2019) "Variable normal-fault rupture behavior, northern Lost River fault zone, Idaho, USA" (Issue: 6, vol. 15). Geosphere.
Carlson, J. Kade, Bemis, Sean P., Toke, Nathan , Bishop, Bradley , Taylor, T. Patrick, (2018) "Documentation of Seven Earthquakes over the Past similar to 7000 Years on the West-Central Denali Fault at the Nenana River, Alaska" (Issue: 1, vol. 108). BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA.
Toke, Nathan , Thomas, J , Bunds, Michael , Arnoff, M , Horns, Daniel , Carlson, J K, (2017) "Inferences about segmentation from recent surface breaks along the Wasatch Fault revealed from LiDAR, SfM, and outrcops from American Fork Canyon to Dimple Dell Regional Park, Utah" (vol. 46). Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Geological Association Special Publication_ Geology and Resources of the Wasatch.
Toke, Nathan , Boone, Christopher G., Arrowsmith, J. Ramon, (2014) "Fault zone regulation, seismic hazard, and social vulnerability in Los Angeles, California_ Hazard or urban amenity?" (Issue: 9, vol. 2). EARTHS FUTURE.


Dean's Award for Excellence in Scholarship

UVU College of Science and Health - April, 2015

2014-2015 Dean's Award for Scholarship in the College of Science and Health at UVU.

NSF GK-12 Fellowship

Arizona State University and the National Science Foundation - July, 2010

Graduate Teaching Fellowship for working with K-12 STEM Education, sponsored by the NSF and ASU's Engineering Program

GSA Diversity Scholarship

Geological Society of America - October, 2009

A graduate scholarship for research for scientists from diverse backgrounds awarded by the Geological Society of America.

Troy L. Pewe Award

School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University

Award for graduate scholarship in Quaternary Geology from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

NSF IGERT Fellowship in Urban Ecology

Arizona State University and the National Science Foundation - August, 2006

Integrative Graduated Education and Research Training Fellowship providing full tuition and fees and a stipend for four years of my PhD 2006-2011.

John Dewey Scholar

University of Vermont Honors College - May, 2003

Completion of the University of Vermont Honors Program requirements of coursework and an successfully defended undergraduate thesis project.