Heather Wilson-Ashworth

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Heather Wilson-Ashworth


I am a Professor of Biology. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Math Education with a minor in Biology and a Ph.D. in Human Physiology/Cell Biology at Brigham Young University.

My research interests include:
- the development and assessment of process skills in active learning classrooms.
- effective mentoring strategies in undergraduate research.
- process skills assessment tool development.

The teaching awards I have received include:
-POGIL Early Achievement Award (PEACH), The POGIL Project, 2020
- Student Advocate Award, UVU, 2019.
- Best Design of an Online Course, 3rd place, UVU, 2019.
- Presidential Award of Excellence in Teaching, UVU, 2018.
- Faculty Excellence Award, UVU, 2012.
- Faculty Appreciation Award from UVU Academic Tutoring, 2011.
- Service Learning Faculty of the Year, Utah Valley University, 2006.
- Presidential Award for Faculty Scholarship, 2002.

I teach General Biology, College Biology, Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and Human Physiology.


Ph D, Brigham Young University, 1999

Major: Cell Biology and Physiology

BA, Brigham Young University, 1994


BIOL 1610

College Biology I BB, Spring 2023

ZOOL 2420

Human Physiology, Spring 2023


Student Research, Spring 2023


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Scholarly/Creative Works

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Dean's List

Brigham Young University

Six Semesters

Tuition Scholarship

Brigham Young University

Full Tuition. Awarded_ Sept 1987 - April 1990, Sept. 1993 - Aug. 1994

Teacher of the Year

Utah Valley University


Presidental award for faculty Scholarship

Utah Valley University - September, 2002

Awarded $1,000

BYU Cancer Research Fellowship



Brigham Young University Research Graduate Fellowship

Brigham Young University - March, 1998

Full year fellowship, $6,000 awarded