Michael Harper

Faculty Member

Michael Harper


Graduated with a desire to teach but knew I needed industry experience to succeed. Worked in industry for several years after graduate school riding the dot-com craze to crash then a stint doing film and instructional technology for school district staff. Once the perfect opportunity came, the obvious became clear, UVU was the place and made the jump to Digital Media.


MS, Utah State University, 1998

Major: Geography Eduication

BS, Utah State University, 1997

Major: Geography Education


DGM 301R

Digital Lecture Series, Spring 2023

DGM 3271

Digital Product Design Studio, Spring 2023

DGM 2341

Media Formats and Outputs, Spring 2023

DGM 1645

Mixed Reality Essentials, Spring 2023


Hedrick, Emily (Presenter & Author), Hatch, Daniel (Presenter & Author), Harper, Michael (Presenter & Author), i-ETC Conference 2022, "Teaching & Learning in Virtual Reality_ Metaverse Classroom Exploration", I-EEE Conference, UVU Campus. (May 15, 2022)
Hedrick, Emily (Presenter Only), Harper, Michael (Presenter Only), EdTech Summit UVU, "Teaching and Learning in Virtual Reality", Office of Teaching and Learning, Online. (February 4, 2022)

Scholarly/Creative Works

Hedrick, Emily , Harper, Michael , Oliver, Eric , Hatch, Dan , (2022) "Teaching & Learning in Virtual Reality Metaverse Classroom Exploration" . https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9796765


Faculty Senate Award of Excellence

College of Technology & Computing - April 28, 2012

Excellence Award is given for outstanding educator for their contribution to the School/College.

Service-Learning Excellence Award Nominee

Service-Learning - April 10, 2007

Work on various international projects and departmental focus on creating unique experiences for Digital Media students to apply skills learned in program.

Faculty Excellence Award for the School of Technology and Computing

School of Technology and Computing - April 28, 2006

Excellence Award is given for outstanding work in leadership and overall contribution to the School/College.

Service-Learning Fellowship Recipient

Service-Learning - April 28, 2005

For work on the Digital Namibia Archive project

Alumni Outstanding Educator of the Year for CS&E

Alumni - April 28, 2003

The award is given to a faculty member as per the nominations by graduating seniors of the College.