David Knowlton

David Knowlton

Professor - Anthropology

Office: CB-210C

Phone: 801-863-6196

Mailstop: 115

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An anthropologist, trained at the University of Utah and the University of Texas at Austin, Knowlton has carried out sustained fieldwork in Bolivia and in Peru. He also brings his ethnographic eye to life in Utah where he has deep roots, to the American Southwest where he spent his boyhood, and to international Mormonism, the culture of his family. He has published on a wide range of issues although he is most known for his work on religion. Besides ethnography, Knowlton has written on social, cultural, and political issues in a variety of genres including commentary, blogs, essays, and poems.

Knowlton speaks, lives, and writes in both English and Spanish, at the same time he has abilities in other languages.

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